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Four-step Process that Charismatic Leaders Use to Influence Followers

The theory talks about a four step process which starts with stating the definite idea, assignment, objectives and tasks that create an idealized goal. This goal will contain the ways to make a better future through tasks which should be completed in some period of time.

The leader starts influencing his followers with vision which is the strategy to act on a way to gain a goal. This vision connects the present with a possible better future. For instance, Apple iPod was the first device which presented revolutionary and easy in work technology that can store and at the same time download the music. Company’s idea was to create modern device which will satisfy those consumers’ needs who would like to update their playlist fast, to save a lot of tracts and to navigate via them easily.

A vision should be enforced with an associated vision statement which is an official expression of a company’s idea or assignment and which is used by charismatic leaders in order to inform followers on a comprehensive goal and destination. It’s important to show trust and believe in the followers what will stimulate them to make it better to bring significant results for a company. When the steps of creating idea and its statement is made, the leader starts persuading its followers to move towards better results motivating them via different ways to rise up their self-esteem and self-insurance.

The third step presupposes that the charismatic leader is role model of acting who goes through actions, values, conduct and words together with his followers but he is personally responsible for risk and donates himself to gain goals of an organization. In such a way, via his words and behavior, a leader represents values which his followers will go after. There is such opinion that employees follow their charismatic leader because they would like to have something with him and following his ideas helps them to get closer to him and to identify themselves with him.

Finally, it’s not a seldom situation when such a leader apply to emotional expressing and eccentric behavior to encourage and convince his followers concerning the idea. In such situation followers catch leader’s spirit and mood. Afterwards leader shares achieved success with his followers calling on their efforts apply as well as accepting failures of the organization. Such connection between a leader and it followers makes the latter to feel trusted and emotionally involved into a campaign organized what normally helps to achieve better results.

It’s worthy of saying that vision or idea are the most important feature of charismatic leadership that’s why most studies pay serious attention to it. The analysis of a number of definitions giving to a vision shows that it is different from other forms of a course setting and it has several specific features. A vision has well-defined and convincing form that propose a new way to make a better future involving and being based on old traditions and being connecting to the actions that people can take to gain a goal. A vision strikes people’s emotional and energetic qualities. A vision arranged in the right way accumulate people’s energy and emotion which they normally have doing some leisure activities like supporting their favorite team and direct it to the commitment at the work place.