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Four Characteristics of Report

To begin with it should be noted that well-written report must possess a number of qualities, among which are: completeness, conciseness, clarity and accuracy. In the current essay I would like consider each of these elements more closely.

  • The first element is completeness. As a matter of fact, completeness means that during preparation of the report, reporter processed sufficient amount of information /data and in the report information presented from different points (angles) of view. In other words, during the preparation of the report, the author considered different opinions and his report has an objective character.
  • The second element is conciseness. It should be noted that the concept of conciseness can be explained in such form: information in the report should be presented in short, clear form with the accent on the main points. Without any doubts, conciseness is extremely important, because it helps to focus report on the main idea and do not waste time of listeners on the unnecessary detail description.
  • The third element is clarity. It should be mentioned that the concept of clarity foresees a clear, logic structure of the report. It means that thoughts and opinions in the report should not be confused, and be structured in a united, well written system. Moreover, clear and logic structure provides an understandable acceptance of information from listeners.
  • The forth element is accuracy. It means that the report must reflect true state of affairs and should not allow ambiguity in its interpretation. With the aim to create an accurate report, a reporter must work out a lot of credible sources and information in these sources should not have contradictions. In addition, the implied arguments in the report must be supported by data from reliable sources.