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Food Passion, Politics, and Health

A. Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” is a remarkable book that reveals the evolution of the professional career of the author as a cook and later chef. In this regard, the formative years of the author as a professional cook and chef are particularly noteworthy. The author describes these years as wilderness years because he could not find his place in the profession. At the same time, his experiments and searches are quite noteworthy because they reveal how a beginner can start working and what problems the beginner will face. This experience is very important for young professionals.

On the other hand, the narration is rather personal and provides a number of personal details that may be insignificant for the audience. At the same time, personal details the author draws in his book increase the interest of the audience to reading because personal details make the book vivid and close to the real life. Therefore, the author makes the reading more interesting and involves the audience in reading.

At the same time, the experience of the author helps the audience to understand better how he has managed to start his professional career and to become a successful chef. The professional development of A. Bourdain is very important in terms of revelation of pitfalls that beginners should expect, while entering the career of a cook and chef. This experience is helpful, while the narration is interesting that makes the audience interested and people want to read the book till the end.

Thus, the beginning years described by Bourdain in his book is interesting and opens the world of New York kitchen for the audience.



Bourdain, A. (2000). Kitchen Confidential. New York: Random House.