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Extended Definition Essay – Prognosis

A prognosis is considered to be an extended word. Consequently, it has different meanings, depending on the area in which it operates.

To begin with, prognostics is a scientific discipline that studies the general principles and methods for predicting the development of any nature’s objects, the laws of the development of prognoses.
The word “prognosis” was first attested in the mid-17th century. From Ancient Greek “prognosis” it means “foreknowledge”. From Latin “prognosis” it means a prediction of the probable course of a disease. Initially, the prognosis only examined the progress of the disease (in medicine), then – any specific prognosis about the state of any phenomenon in future.

The prognosis is the evaluation of future trends through research and analysis of available information. The prognosis is the probabilistic judgments about some phenomenon.

Depending on the medical area, the prognosis is a forecast of the disease’s future course, which is based on medical knowledge.

According to MedicineNet Inc., “the prognosis predicts the outcome of a disease and therefore the future for the patient” (2004, para. 3).

Furthermore, the prognosis is a forecast of the outcome of any situation, future course, or prediction.
The prognosis is the prediction of the future through different scientific methods, and also the result of the prediction. In addition, the prognosis is the calculation of the unknown economic indicator by the given factors on the basis of the model.

The prognoses are divided into periods: short, medium and long, into scales: personal, enterprise-level (organization), local, regional, sectorial, world (global).

Besides, the prognosis can also refer to:

  1. Prediction, which is a claim, or statement that some particular event will happen in future;
  2. Precognition, which is the non-material ability to conceive information about future events and places before they occur;
  3. Fortune-telling, which means predicting someone’s future;
  4. Divination that is the ascertaining information’s practice from the supernatural sources.

To sum up, it is possible to conclude that the prognosis is a widely-extended meaning that refers to different areas that affect our lives. In general, the prognosis is an informed opinion about the possible state of the object in future or alternative routes and timing to achieve these states.


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