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Executive Summary | Bridgeport Rental Storage Inc

Bridgeport Rental Storage Inc. is the company that focuses on the provision of storage services, including multi-sized rooms and van rental service with additional services such as package pick-up and weekly clean-up. Therefore, the company provides the broad range of services to reach the customer satisfaction and to bring positive effects on the local community. The company focuses on the customer satisfaction and on the improvement of the life of the local community because it contributes to the improvement of the company’s brand and attitude of the public to the company.

The company is attractive to customers because it provides services of the high quality at competitive prices. The company conducts flexible marketing strategy and attempts to create conditions favorable for customers to increase the customer satisfaction and to attract customers to services of the company. In this regard, the customer satisfaction is one of the primary concerns of the company. In fact, it is through the customer satisfaction the company can take the leading position in the market and develop its business successfully.

At the same time, the role of the leader is particularly important for the company because the leader guides subordinates to help them to improve their performance and to develop their professional skills and abilities and to increase the effectiveness of their work and productivity. In actuality, the leader of the company has charisma and the authority to lead to the company to the set strategic goals. On the other hand, the leader of the company pays a lot of attention to changes that occur within the organization. At this point, the leader tends to use the transformational leadership style, which is particularly effective in the context of the organizational change which is being implemented in the company at the moment. At the same time, this leadership style helps the leader to lead the company toward the market expansion and enhancement of the position of the company in the market.

The company tends to the aggressive market expansion, which shifts from the medium to high level of aggression in terms of the market expansion because the company attempts to gain a better position in the market. In actuality, the aggressive marketing strategy is essential for the fast progress of the company and its breakthrough in the market to take the leading position in the industry.

In such a situation, the company has to create a sustainable competitive advantage. In this regard, the company should focus on the quality of its products and services delivered to customers and on the development of positive relations with the local community to gain its support and to shape a positive public image that will contribute to the fast development of the company and stable position of the company in the market due to the loyalty of customers to the brand of the company.

As for the key implementation strategies required to be successful, it is worth mentioning the total quality management and the knowledge sharing management. These strategies can be effective and bring positive outcomes due to the progress of employees, their professional development, positive interpersonal relationships within the company and the customer satisfaction.

The financial and market results expected within the first year comprise $1,600,000 in revenues and $1,400,000 in expenses. In the course of five years the profits are supposed to increase by 30-40%.