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Evaluation Essay | Toyota, Ford and Ferrari

Official websites of Toyota, Ford and Ferrari focus on the development of positive company-customer relationship and they attempt to provide users with detailed information on cars offered by each company. In spite of the fact that all three companies has developed websites, where they promote and provide detailed information on cars manufactured by each company, each website is still unique and different from those of other companies. At the same time, each website has its advantages as well as drawbacks but still each company develops its websites within their strategic framework. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that each company attempts to stress its strengths in their websites and to reach the target customer group.

In order to assess accurately each website, it is necessary to compare key issues and find out strengths and weaknesses of each website. In this regard, it is important to dwell upon the accessibility of each website. Basically, each website is accessible. Consumers can easily find the target website because each company has their official websites. At the same time, consumers do not need any special registration to get access to websites of each company. They just need to access the target website and to look for information they need. In such a way, users can access websites easily and find the information they need without any problems, although the navigation of each website differs consistently.

In this regard, navigation of websites is very important for users. Basically, each website has its own strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, Ford’s official website has the best navigation compared to other websites of Toyota and Ferrari. Ford’s official websites provides users with the possibility to get any information they may need easily from the front page, while Ferrari and Toyota raises certain difficulties in accessing the target information on the two websites. In this regard, Toyota has the poorest navigation, while Ferrari holds the second place after Ford because Ferrari’s website has good navigation but it is focused on the company’s store and sport events and issues covered abundantly on the website. In such a way, Ferrari’s official website is oriented on sport mainly and users can use the navigation to get information on sport events and sport department of Ferrari. In contrast, Ford is business-oriented. On the one hand, the website provides accurate information on the products of the company and current offers made by Ford to its customers, whereas, on the other hand, the company offers users ample opportunities to get detailed information on any product the company offers and characteristics of its cars.

Furthermore, the design of each website is quite different. In fact, each company depicts their major products on the front page to show its best offers. At the same time, Ferrari’s official website is designed in traditional colors of the company and shows the latest advancements of the company in both sports and car manufacturing. In such a way, Ferrari’s official website stresses the orientation of the company on sport and its successes in sport. The design is dynamic to stress characteristics of Ferrari’s cars. In such a way, the company attracts its users to products of the company, which are not limited to cars solely but include other products that are related to Ferrari’s sport department and cars at large. As for Toyota, the design of its official website has the poorest design. The website fails to show the brand image properly because its colors are quite irrelevant to the company’s colors. In fact, it would be better to create the website in red and white colors, which stress traditional colors of the company. In this regard, Ford’s official website is quite good because it has traditional colors of Ford and depicts its major products and best offers at the moment. However, it is not as effective as design of Ferrari’s official website

As for the content, Ford’s official website is the most consistent compared to those of Ferrari and Toyota. In fact, the official website of Ford provides users with the detailed information on products and services of the company and offers ample opportunities to obtain whatever information consumers may need. Ferrari is more oriented on sales of its products but the content is not limited to cars but also to products of its sport department. Ferrari attempts to expand the scope of products and services offered via its official website. As for Toyota, the company’s website offers diverse content, which focuses on the promotion of the company’s products only.

Finally, security is extremely important in the contemporary business and online transactions. All websites provide the high level of information security to protect users from information breaches and loss of personal information. At the same time, consumers can be confident in each official website.
Thus, the official website of Ford is the most effective in terms of navigation and content, while Ferrari’s official website is the most effective in terms of design. All websites are accessible and secure.