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Equality Between Incarcerated Male and Female

As a matter of fact, in all countries women constitute a minority of prisoners, usually around 5%. Despite the small number of women prisoners and equality between men and women, there are some distinguish features of their content. In particular, in society, usually, the responsibility for family and children often falls on women. As a fact, pregnant women or nursing mothers, who find themselves in prison, needs special conditions and some concessions in the regime of content, for example, the necessary sanitary, easier work day, etc. At the same time, very often penitentiary’s administration has to made difficult decision to separate a small child with his mother, according to Stephanie S. Covington & Barbara E. Bloom (2003).

It should be noted that in general, women, as well as men have all human rights in political, economic, social, cultural, civil and other areas and have an equal right to their defense. However, according to William C. Collins, J.D.; Andrew W. Collins (1996) there are some restrictions for their sentencing:

  • In prison women should be held separately from men.
  • Supervision and searches of convicted women should be conducted only by female staff.
  • For pregnant women and nursing mothers in prison should be created special conditions.
  • Where it is possible, in the period of childbirth women prisoners should be placed in hospitals.

Moreover, women should not be mistreated or harassed by members of the penitentiary institution. If the supervision is carried out by a male worker, near must be a female employee. Also, a certain number of women are single mothers and need special support and conditions, in particular more frequent meetings with relatives. In my opinion, this is necessary step, which allow to help women “remain” human being and not forget their lives before freedom. I think that administration of the penitentiary institution must understand the special needs of women in health care. Moreover, convicted women should be able to consult specialists on women’s diseases.


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