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Epiphany Moment

In the current personal essay narrative I will describe important and epiphany moment in my life and the further consequences with the details leading up to the event. I will also discuss my reflection on the event and the conclusion I came to as a result of the experience.As an important moment in my life I consider entering University and going to work. I think that stage of my life is extremely important and this is the connection between my youth and my adult period in life. University gives me education and knowledge that I can apply to my job. The epiphany moment in my life I consider my first job in a charity organization. Although some time has passed, I still remember everything as it was yesterday. I think that this working experience has shown me the most appropriate path for me and helped to realize many things. Also, I can say that I started to appreciate many things, life in general and people I really love.

It should be noted that working in a charity is rather challenging and I would have never imagined the reality that is behind the charity organizations. There is a lot of suffering, a lot of problems and important issues that are not visible to people every day. These issues have changed my life a lot and I got used to participate in a charity every day. Nowadays, there are plenty opportunities that the modern way of life can offer people. Any person can contribute to helping children in Africa, or helping local organization, donating some money or participating online in different activities.

The epiphany moment in my life is a feeling that I can make change and that I should not stop. I know for sure that people’s lives depend on me too, as I can always click “Like” on Facebook and a person who sees it can donate and save somebody’s life. There is always a space for creativity, for making a little change, for starting something and for helping someone. It should be noted that it is not about the money, as the feeling and satisfaction that the work and volunteering for a charity gives- is much more than money. Those who do that will understand.

Many people start helping others and make change only when they get rich, when they have millions and when they are not working anymore. Charity and helping others is not about money, it is about the spiritual wealth, which often can not be achieved by working and getting paid. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I got to work for the first charity in my life, as it changed my thoughts completely. I am always proud of people who put their energy in the right place, who want to make changes, and who are becoming happy from the fact of helping others.

The consequences of the epiphany moment are the spiritual balance, harmony, new goals and creativity. I can say that I love my job, I appreciate my studies and I have clear goals considering my future life. I would like to make charity an indispensable component of my life, as it makes my life complete. I think that many people who think similar to me will agree with me, as the spiritual emptiness disappears when you give something to others from the depth of your soul.

There are some moments in life that change it completely, and I am proud that I have these moments, they are bright, they are epiphany, and I will never forget them. I have certain plans and I would like to create my own charity organization that will solve different kinds of problems, which society needs to solve. Also, I think that education is fundamental in a person’s life. I am convinced that by receiving education a person gets many opportunities to choose what he wants to do, where he wants to work and live. I think that it is important to pay more attention to details, to the opportunities that arise and to people you communicate with. It is important to be confident and to be open to all important moments that will happen in life. People have to be open to opportunities and to be very flexible, as it what the modern world demands.

Considering the conclusion that I came to as a result of the experience in my life, I can say that people have to listen to their heart and to try things more confidently. I presume that my experience has changed my life completely and that it brought more useful things to me and to the people involved. I know that all people have their important moments, but some of them forget about these moments, which is unacceptable. There are different areas of life where people can be useful, and anyone should use their opportunity. As well, it is important to stop taking things for granted.