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Effective Management and Decision Making Process

Organizations differ consistently depending on their performance, structure, management and leadership style, and other factors. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish a large number of organizations, which are different from each other but which are successful enough. At the same time, many organizations suffer from the steady or rapid decline, if their management is ineffective. In such a way, leadership and management of organizations become crucial for the effective organizational performance and organizations should develop both management and leadership effectively.

Google is a great company because it has managed to reach a tremendous success in a relatively short time. In fact, the company has started to progress rapidly since its foundation, whereas today the company holds the leading position in its industry. Moreover, Google attempts to expand its markets fast entering new industries, including smartphones industry and others. At the same time, whatever industry Google enters, the company proves to be quite successful. In addition, the company maintains a positive atmosphere and close and effective relationships between its employees. In fact, Google stimulates democratic, positive atmosphere within the company. The company stimulates the creative but autonomous work of employees to help them uncover their full potential and assisting them to reach the maximum performance contributing to the overall improvement of the organizational performance and steady improvement of the position of Google in the market.

On the other hand, there are ineffective organizations, such as Wal-Mart, which suffer from considerable problems caused by the poor management. To put it more precisely, Wal-Mart suffers from the violation of rights of employees and the deterioration of the organizational performance because of the permanent conflict between managers and employees of the company. In fact, Wal-Mart fails to create the effective, positive, friendly atmosphere within the organization. Instead, Wal-Mart exploits and discriminates its employees that undermines the internal atmosphere and organizational culture of Wal-Mart. In addition, employees suffer from discrimination and are dissatisfied with their position in the company that naturally undermines the effectiveness of their performance, discouraging them to work better. As a result, Wal-Mart becomes ineffective because of the poor human resource management and organizational culture.

At the same time, along with the development of the positive organizational atmosphere and healthy organizational culture, the development of professional skills of employees and managers is essential for the successful organizational performance and business development. In this regard, professional skills contribute to the effective performance of employees and managers. However, different occupations and different positions may need different skills. For instance, employees performing some routine jobs often have to possess well0developed technical skills, which help them to do their job properly. As professionals keep progressing and take managerial position in their organizations, they need to develop other skills, such as conceptual and inter-personal. In fact, inter-personal skills are particularly important for upper-level managers because they need to develop positive interpersonal relationships within their organization and stimulate the development of healthy organizational culture, which is impossible without well-developed, positive, interpersonal relationships of all employees and managers. Therefore, the development of inter-personal skills is essential for the career promotion and professional growth.

In this respect, I can refer to my personal experience, for I am a technical engineer and I have well-developed technical skills, which help me to perform my job perfectly. At the same time, I understand that I have to keep progressing and I am eager to learn that is my another strength, which I hope can help me to make a successful career. At any rate, I strongly believe that my self-development and education are essential for my career development. Also, I have a good ability to identify and solve problems. This ability is probably closely intertwined with my technical skills because I am accustomed to organize my work properly, identify key issues and work on them. In addition, I have delegation skills, which are apparently beneficial for the organization and team I am working in. In actuality, delegation skills are very important for my effective professional performance because I can perform different tasks and help other professionals in my team or organization. On the other hand, I have some weaknesses, which slow down my career progress. In this regard, I would mention my relatively poor relationships with inter organization. In fact, I could have better relationships, if I could play politics better. Therefore, I need to develop my communication skills to be able to negotiate and to develop positive interpersonal relationships with my colleagues, managers, and subordinates.

However, I believe I could be quite successful, if I held the position of a manager in the Salernos. In this regard, I would need to analyze the macroenvironment and competitive environment of the water park. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that, today, people are growing more and more concerned with their environment and related problems. The pollution of the environment raises a strong opposition from the part of the public to any activities that may be harmful for the environment. At the same time, the public readily supports any efforts aiming at the improvement of the environment. In this regard, the water park and its development could count for the public support. The public support, in its turn, will force the local authority to support the initiative of the Salernos too. The competitive environment is also favorable for the water park because this industry is under-developed and the water park can take the lead in the industry at the local level, although the promotion and effective communication of the Salernos with the public are needed. However, in the future, the competition is likely to grow stronger and the water park should come prepared to resist to the growing competition offering customers services of the higher quality and cooperating closely with the local community.

The organizational culture of the Salernos apparently has some problems. To put it more precisely, the organization suffers from communication gaps, which prevent the organization from the effective communication with its customers and, what is more, it prevents the organization from the effective interaction between employees and managers working in the organization. In such a way, the organizational culture affects the organizational performance. At the same time, the organization turns out to be unable to resist to external threats and poorly copes with external challenges.

At this point, it is possible to refer to the experience of Southwest Airlines. The company has proved to be quite successful in the combination of the quality, speed and cost competitiveness for its marketing success. At any rate, the company has proved to be quite successful, although it is still vulnerable to negative effects of the economic recession and crisis in the aviation industry. In fact, Southwest Airlines pay a lot of attention to the quality of services delivered to customers but these services are not of the top level. Nevertheless, the company offer customers the high speed of transfer and relatively low costs. As a result, customers prefer Southwest Airlines due to the relatively low price they have to pay and the high speed of delivery to their target destination. However, the company still has some problems, especially in relation to its pilots. In fact, the company should conduct the policy of social responsibility to attract pilots and to make them loyal to the company. In such a way, they could work for the company and do their best to improve their performance. Instead, there is certain tension between the management of the company and its pilots.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the efforts of Southwest Airlines, it is still difficult for the company to take an advantageous position in the market. On comparing different airlines, it is still quite different to distinguish them one from another because they have a similar set of standards and services offered to customers as well as the prices customers have to pay. In this regard, Southwest Airlines does not demand paying for checking in luggage, unlike other companies do, whereas the speed of flights is comparable. In such a way, services are practically similar and the major tool with the help of which an airline can take advantage is to offer customers some unique service or substantial discounts.

On the other hand, offering new services or discounts may be quite a risky decision. In this regard, I would not take one because I am not a risk-taker. Instead, I prefer to ground my decisions on the detailed analysis of the current situation, my potential and potential of my organization, and to forecast effects of the decision I am going to take. Although, I had to take a risky decision, when one of our projects was at the risk of failure. I had to decrease the time of testing of the equipment before its introduction and, instead, I increased the intensity of testing. In such a way, the pressure on the equipment increased that could be dangerous for the equipment, while the time of testing decreased. In such a way, we completed the project in time successfully and my organization had saved the time.

In fact, that decision was determined by the current environment and managers often have to take decisions on the ground of the current situation, under the impact of multiple factors. Therefore, they cannot always follow the decision making steps suggested in chapter 1. This model of management may be effective but managers should attempt to follow the decision making steps, if there is no external or internal pressure on them.Obviously, mangers should take the decision in the time of pressure as I did because the failure to take the decision leads to the failure of the work of the manager and his or her team. Taking decision in time is the right strategy to lead your team to success.

At this point, I would recall one of my recent decision, when we introduced the automatic system in our organization that controlled the process of manufacturing. We have doubts whether to test the system and postpone its introduction for a month or to introduce it right now. I took the decision to introduce the automatic system and it had proved to be effective, while our competitors introduced the similar system two weeks later.Thus, the effective management and decision making process are essential for the successful professional and organizational development.