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Education Unplugged | Floyd Allen

It is an art to be able to tell in simple words about the deep social or educational problems in our society. Thus, it is necessary to write a summary of Allen’s essay where the author explained existed problems in interesting way.

Summarizing Floyd Allen’s essay under the title “Education Unplugged” it is necessary to say that the author is really anxious about existed situation in education sphere. Allen stated that the society is under the influence of so-called ‘pseudo-intelligence’ and according to Allen’s words “people no longer know how to think, how to do simple math, how to be creative” because of too much reliance on difference kinds of digital devices such as computers, phones, calculators and so on (Arlov, 2007). Children and youth find themselves helpless without calculators making elementary things, because they know how to press buttons, but do not know how to use own mind. It is also necessary to add that Allen combined three successful methods of development like process, cause-effect, and argument method for the purpose of making own essay strong and effective in the message he was conveying his readers.

Thus, basing on Allen’s essay it is possible to conclude that people need to change their attitude to the surrounding reality, begin to educate own children better and to rely on own mind more than on other devices, that’s why we need to weed our mind as we weed our garden, and Allen proved the necessity of this step using bright examples in his essay.



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