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Early Education Preventative

Editorial “Early education preventative” discusses Smart Start and More at Four. These two initiatives of North California governors founded to improve health and education in the state. Author of editorial article supports these initiatives. The main point of this article is that new initiatives in early education and health care will improve general situation with health and education in the state. Author supports this point of view providing the following arguments: early childhood education programs in North Carolina are not well-organized and there is a room for improvement. Such programs can help children, especially from low-income families, to prepare for better start in school. Author claims that “investment in a child’s early health and education can yield benefits for years to come.”(Salisburypost, 2011)

Article critics:

The article can be criticized in two different aspects. First, the content of the article should be more organized. It would be useful to mention some proper data in the article, for example, provide the number of children of four years old and younger in the state. It would be also useful to mention and to compare public and private spending on early education in the state. These facts could create more detailed description of situation with early education in the state. Second, the author should focus on new initiatives benefits. As it was mentioned at the beginning of the article, some programs of early education already exist in North Carolina. It would be reasonable to describe the possible improvement of these programs with the help of new initiatives. The argument “The effects for both initiatives are greater for families with low maternal education — the ones that need it most — than for families with high maternal education” (Salisburypost, 2011) is not persuasive enough to resist the skepticism of taxpayers. One commentator mentioned that “baby-boomers” grew up without educational programs. Thus, the article couldn’t prove the necessity of new initiatives.


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