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Economic Gender Inequality

It should be noted that in the modern world there is a problem of economic gender inequality. Certain steps have to be taken to solve this problem. I think that it will not be enough only to make an equal pay for the same job to solve the problem. There have to be taken proper measures that will change the situation. It can be said that it is all about the relationship. There should be devoted more attention to the relation to women and men, and no discrimination has to occur.

Currently, equal rights are extremely important, which says about the fact that the world is not the same anymore. Nowadays both men and women work, raise children, go shopping, spend money. Current trends and preferences have to be taken into consideration and many things have to change. There should be implemented new innovative approaches that will help to change the situation and to provide gender equality, according to Confronting Economic Gender Inequality (2005).

In the current situation in the world the problem of economic gender inequality is very visible and has to be changed. In previous years a lot has been done to build the society this way. However, the times have changed, the trends are another and there are many issues that the modern world and economy has brought. Many women are forced to study and to work, and this way the modern world exists. Studying and work have become obligatory, that is why there should be a total equality among men and women, in a relationship and at work. Certain principles and regulations have to be obeyed and, as well, an equal pay for the same job is also necessary.


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