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Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a common practice at various meetings and parties in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, alcohol consumption can adverse different effects on human health and can also provoke negative social consequences due to its intoxicating, toxic and addictive properties. Thus, we are going to talk about drinking alcohol in this essay and the main aim of it is to discuss its causes and effects.

Discussing causes of drinking alcohol it is possible to say that a society is the main engine in this process. It is generally accepted that alcohol is an “integral part” of every company. People think that alcohol excites, invigorates, improves mood and health, makes the conversation more lively and interesting, but it is only temporary effect. Some use it as a kind of solution in problem solving process, but it only makes problem unsolvable and cause depression.

In such a way observing effects of alcohol influence on human health it is possible to say that alcohol can cause not only social, but also health effects, such as physical and mental illness. Nowadays alcohol abuse is a big problem of contemporary society, because it affects all human organs and even small doses of alcohol cause dehydration of the skin, because skin cells lose essential moisture and precious minerals. In addition to the chronic diseases that may develop with age in persons who consume alcohol in large quantities, alcohol consumption is also associated with an increased risk of acute health conditions such as trauma, including injuries resulting from road traffic accidents.

Thus, summarizing previous statements it is possible to say that need for alcohol is not a part of the natural life of human needs, such as the need for oxygen or food and water, and alcohol in itself has no motive power for the person. Young people begin to use alcohol as an obvious attempt to follow the fashion, but then situation greatly changed and they can not stop. It seems that exactly society should to struggle against this phenomenon and popularize a healthy life-style, but if everyone makes decision to control drinking alcohol and to stop do it at all then the problem will disappear.