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Do Not Go Gentle by Dylan Thomas

The poem Do Not Go Gentle written by Dylan Thomas, the famous Welsh poet and writer, is a rather insightful literary work which represents the theme of death. The poet uses a lot of poetic techniques in order to convey the experience of dying. The main idea of the poem is to fight death and to do everything possible to survive in the situation of life and death. The author tries to persuade his father to fight death and to live longer. He represents four different kinds of people who fight death: wise men, good men, wild men and grave men. (Emery 26)

The poem gives a lot of emotions to the readers by means of such repetitions as “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. (Thomas 15)

The poem is written in the form of villanelle where there are five stanzas of three lines and one stanza with four lines at the end. (Ferris 39)

The other poetic technique which is used by the poet is metaphor. According to his words, light stands for life and darkness stands for death. The metaphors “close of day”, “a green bay”, “dying of the light” represent death and are used by the poet to give emotion coloring to his major message -to fight death.

I think the philosophy of Dylan Thomas is true because every person should always fight for his life. God gives us our lives and we should do everything possible to protect ourselves and to live a happy life. Although death is unavoidable, we should fight to the end. It is the main principle of any person who is strong in spirit.

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