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Descriptive of the Capitol

It is obvious that the United States Capitol is the heart of the country’s political life. Nowadays everyone has an opportunity to look at its backstage and even observe the work of the United States Congress there. Thus, I’m really happy that I had the same opportunity to visit the Capitol and to tell about my visit in this paper. The main aim of my story is to describe the visit to the Capitol, paying specific attention to many details.First of all it is necessary to mention that the United States Capitol is a significance place for every American and the need to build the Capitol was an affair of national importance and was clearly dictated by the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1787. The United States Capitol is not only the majestic building, but it is also the center of Washington, D.C. Being there I understood that the U.S. Capitol is also a specific point, where four streets begins, and this allows to understand the division of the U. S. capital, because these four streets diverge exactly at the cardinal directions, cutting the capital of the United States into four sectors.

I would like to be honest and to say that the United States Capitol is a significant place for me, because I like history and exactly the visit to this place helped me to plunge into American history with more details, not only by the fact of being there, but also by the opportunity to feel its atmosphere and hear everything around me.In the Capitol it was really great to feel that the spirit of a huge monolithic power lies in luxurious white-stone frame architecture. Everyone can agree with a statement that the U.S. Capitol is a symbol of the country, whose history and destiny is decided in its walls. The architecture of the Capitol was created by several masters and the Capitol’s place has a symbolic meaning, because it is the highest building in Washington’s downtown and it has a place atop Capitol Hill at the eastern end of the National Mall. There is no doubt that bright and festive Capitol building is recognizable for its unique dome, which crowned a majestic building like a crown. Historical evidence showed that the building acquired its dome in the 1820’s for the first time, when the central rotunda joined the northern and southern wing.

The Capitol is very popular place for visitors, because everyone wants to feel its atmosphere and when I was there I was even surprised by a big quantity of people who were going to visit this place. It was not hard to get inside the crowd, moreover, it was even interesting to look at people and understand that their eyes were full of admiration when they got inside the Capitol. There were not only tourists, but also a lot of students and true Americans of different ages and genders among the visitors of the Capitol.

I need to mention that my visit to the Capitol was a well-planned and I read some information about this place before I made my visit there. The most important fact for me was an understanding that everything outside and inside the Capitol Campus reflects not only the development of the Congress and the United States, but also the development of human thought and vision. The works of art throughout the Capitol can be observed for hours and all of them from marble and bronze statues to oil portraits and frescoed murals show important historical moments and realize various national ideas and ideals.

Observing the Capitol’s architecture with more details I want to mention that Rotunda is the heart of the Capitol and it is reaching the height of 58 m, where a vaulted ceiling is decorated with frescos of Italian master. I was impressed by the fact that this place has its specific smell and I can even say that it is a smell of freedom, in my opinion. Washington, wrapped up in the mantle and surrounded by the 13 colonies and the American democracy, looks out of the clouds from the ceiling of the Rotunda to his descendants. Four huge paintings with scenes from the history of the War of Independence painted by closest collaborator of George Washington are hang on the western side of the Rotunda, while opposite them, on the eastern side, are placed paintings dedicated to the discovery and development of America.

Thus, taking everything into the consideration it is necessary to say that the United States Capitol is a wonderful place and I would be able to visit it again for several times, because it gives me energy and new vision on surrounding reality. In conclusion, I can not describe the building in perfect way and will always do it in my own way, but the majestic beauty of the U.S. Capitol makes even my imperfect pen to give the Capitol its due. In my opinion, it is a very beautiful building, high and lonely; the place with perfect architecture and powerful energy.