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Example of Descriptive Essay About Nature

The observation of the nature often makes people fascinated but often people believe natural phenomena to be routine. However, people underestimate the beauty of nature, while many people just forget what the nature is. They became too distant from the nature but I revealed the beauty of nature and, since that moment, I have started to appreciate nature.

Once, as I was at my uncle’s farm, I woke up early in the morning and walked around just to have a look what is going on in that early hour. I was quite surprised to wake so early in the morning, for it was about 5 am. Frankly speaking, I would never wake up so early, if I were at home. I do not know why but I could not stay in bed and literally jumped out of the bed and quitted the house. I walked for about twenty minutes as I came to the bank of a river and I saw the sun rising far in the east. The sight of the sun rising was really fascinating and I was just speechless as I saw the redness of the sky surrounding the rising sun.

I have never thought the nature may be so beautiful, while observing the sun rise I have revealed the new side of the nature, which I have never noticed before. The sun rises and sets day after day but we pay little attention to such beautiful, natural phenomena as we spend our lives in large cities, where the sun is almost unseen. As I observed the sun slowly floating up the horizon, I understood that the nature is so beautiful that not a single art work or human creation can be so beautiful as rising sun, early in the morning. The chilling air was penetrating my lungs and refreshed my brains after the sleepy night. I saw the disc of the sun that appeared on the horizon and I was admired with such a beautiful sight. The sight of the sun rising above the horizon was amazing and just fabulous.

The water of the river mirrored glimpses of the rising sun and reflection of the sun light blinded me from time to time. Nevertheless, this magnificent play of sun beams, which seemed to be moving on the surface of the water jumping from one place to another, reminded me a mysterious and joyful play as if beams were chasing each other.

At the same time, the calmness of the surrounding nature was really impressing. I could hear just a few sounds. It seems as if the nature was sleeping and it had started to awake as the sun rose. I noticed that the higher sun rose, the more sounds I could hear and I could notice some movement in the forest that laid right hand from the river. The sun light seemed to lit tops of the trees in the forest and the dark forest became lighter and lighter as the sun rose higher and higher. I heard voices of birds in the forest and in the field left hand from the river. In fact, it occurred to my mind that I perceive the sun rise not only visually. It seemed as if all my senses perceived the revival of the nature and the sun rise.

Thus, I have revealed the true beauty of nature. After that day, I observed sun rise as frequently as I could.