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Description of the Area


In the current essay I will describe a house of my friend. My friend has big home with many things inside that characterize him as a creative person. Front yard looks stunning, it attracts attention and it is very green, very natural. Back yard has a swimming pool and many trees and palms that make everyone feel great, and it is also very relaxing.

Living room is in pastel colors, it has friendly atmosphere and large TV. Dining room is designed in white color, it is very comfortable and there are many fruits and vegetables that my friend appreciates and there are plenty of them, in different colors.

Family room is cozy, it has many family photos, it has two sofas and special atmosphere of the family corner. Bedroom of my friend is made in modern style, it has the newest furniture and bright colors. Each room in the house of my friend is different, and it may even seem that each room is from the different era. Each room is unique, special and beautiful, creatively designed, and sometimes even futuristic.

The house of my friend reflects his character, his hobbies, his interests and his outlook. He created his house himself, designing every detail with purpose. He feels comfortable in his house and he has many rooms that allow to do sports, to entertain, to communicate, to swim, to think, to eat, to play and just to look out of the window in the atmosphere of harmony. The house is special to its owner, to his friends and to his family, and there are always those who are close to the owner, who enjoy spending time with him, and to enjoy the view from the house to the sea.