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Short Essay on Cyber Security

Nowadays, all companies and businesses are obliged to have online departments in order to stay competitive, and a large part of businesses and communications is performed online. Cyber-culture has firmly integrated into the society, and along with the growing importance of web-based activities, the role of cybersecurity is simultaneously increasing. The scope of activities of cybersecurity professionals includes protection of information, sensitive data and financial transactions, protection and defense of computer systems against cyber attacks, and implementation of security strategies.

This is a complex field, which requires solid analytical skills, experience with modern computer hardware and software and outstanding communicative abilities. Working in cybersecurity sphere also implies having high ethical standards and systems thinking. This challenging and at the same very rewarding occupation attracted me for a long time, but I was not sure whether I would be able to master such a complex profession. My previous academic and work experience helped me to become confident in IT disciplines and technologies, and helped to develop communicative abilities.

I have gained strong technical knowledge and practical skills during academic years. The experience of working as an IT Support Manager further increased my competency in IT sphere; in addition to this, I learned to develop a delicate approach for different categories of people, and to get along with them comfortably. These skills helped me to advance my career, and my next job position, Logistics Manager, required not only knowledge of technical issues and effective communication skills, but also strong time management and stress management skills. While working at this position, I have developed a broad vision of business processes, and after a while I clearly felt that I would like to work closer with recent IT technologies, and could be able to manage complex system issues. While working as a Logistics Manager, I noticed many problems arising due to information security breaches and weak cybersecurity strategies. After researching possible solutions to these security problems, I have identified that the sphere of cybersecurity will match my skills, beliefs and aspirations much better than logistics. Thus, I believe that my personal qualities, academic background and work experience perfectly match this profession, and new set of knowledge and skills gained during gaining a degree in Cybersecurity at SAIC will help me to become an effective cybersecurity professional.

My short-term goals are to become proficient in Cybersecurity, to master such domains of knowledge as technical aspects of information security, human factors in IT, problem analysis skills, presentation and communication skills, and to develop a clear and convincing style of writing. My long-term career goals are driven by the wish to contribute my skills and knowledge to the community.

Exposure to online security threats is common not only for businesses, but also for government and community organizations. Cybersecurity issues in business structures might affect mostly business owners and stakeholders, but problems with online security in local and federal organizations can represent a threat to overall social stability and well-being of the community. I believe that I have enough talent and skills to make a worthy contribution into the successful development of our society. With regard to long-term career goals, I would like to find a position of Cybersecurity Manager in a public organization, and to use my knowledge and experience in order to protect and promote the work of this organization and to help make this world a better place to live in.