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Extremism | Geo Political Situation

Current international geo political situation requires new approaches to the most relevant problems resolving. Extremism, with derivative trend to terrorism, is long being cancer of civilized society. Unfortunately, the overall war against did not give wanted results. Therefore, humankind is encouraged for significant rethinking of frameworks and concepts to break aggressive environment. There is the statement that economic infusions are much more efficient to deal with extremism, instead of adopted practice of military interference. To support this claim, “Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans” by Nicholas D. Kristof is incredibly helpful.

To begin with, let’s remind last and key words from Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans” article: “The antonym of “militant” is often “job”( Kristof). The value of this quote is defined by its look right look at the premises of extremist manifestations. The misconception about religious beliefs perceiving, as the main reason to extremism seems to be widely spread today. However, scholars declare unanimously that poverty has to be recognized those. Not to be unsubstantiated, popular Dell theory of Thomas Friedman worth to be reminded. This scholar proved that spreading of international supplying nets is useful to prevent military conflicts between members of trading chain. In other words, economy interest is always prevailing to aggressive trends. Employed and financially successful population hardly will risk with its well-being to show out some extremist mood.

It is important to remember that violence always breeds violence only. This axiom does not feel need in some supports as world history has experienced much examples already. As for the last one, we can remind the announced war to terrorism, which aggravated the problem only. Financially and economic restricted areas is the perfect environment for aggression growing. To resolve the problem of extremism, “inside help” is much more relevant to be implemented. As the proof, we can remind the case of poor woman Parveen Baji from “Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism (Kristof). With Microloans”. The story of oppressed lady, who began own business with the help of microloan is the image of wonderful transformation, which can be easily interpreted to entire folks.

At last, the concept of Western values is also considerable. There is no doubt that violent military interfering actions are not capable to bring the main idea of civilized society to extremist territories, as people do not have option to appreciate its benefits. In this regard, the example of Roshaneh Zafar, who implemented practice of microloans is demonstrative. Being educated person, this lady is well familiar to strength of free market relations. Her intentions about this idea spreading were rather successful and the results of appropriate practice are suitable to evidence this fact: “Roshaneh creates jobs and educational opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people — draining the swamps that breed terrorists” (Kristof). Extremely strong quote, isn’t it? To deal with problem, people might feel and experience the benefits of values they are proposed. Not be forced to democracy love, but welcome to benefits enjoying.

To sum up, here are the next words from “Here’s a Woman Fighting Terrorism. With Microloans”: “The larger message is universal: helping people start businesses, create jobs and support education is a potent way to undermine extremism” (Kristof). In fact, the disputes between military and economic solutions to break the extremism is a pre-losing to first party inherently. On the one hand, we’ve got long adopted practice, which led to exacerbation. On the other hand, there is innovative approach, which is little practically and fully theoretically proved to become helpful. What should be rational choice? The answer is clear.

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