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Cultural Diversity Essay

In the current paper I will answer the following questions regarding how diversity affects communication.

What is cultural diversity? Why is an appreciation of diversity important in communication?

The cultural diversity means cultural differences that exist between human beings. There are several types, such as language, dances, clothing and other traditions as the organization of society. Cultural diversity is something associated with the dynamics of the associative process. People who for some reason decide their lives guided by pre-established norms tend to forget their own idiosyncrasies (mixed cultures). In other words, the whole force is imposed on individual needs. The so-called “status quo” triggers naturally and spontaneously, and as Hegel would say, in a dialectical process, the appropriateness of being significant in half. The culture inserts the individual in a social environment.

The term diversity relates to the variety and interaction of ideas, features or elements different from each other in a particular subject, situation or environment. Culture is a term with several meanings in different depths and different specificity. There are practical and social actions that follow a certain pattern in the space / time. Refers to beliefs, attitudes, values, institutions, moral rules that permeate and “fulfill” society. It explains and gives meaning to social cosmology, is the identity of a human group in a territory and a certain period, according to What is cultural diversity? (2011).

An appreciation of diversity important in communication because this way it will be easier to understand people all over the world, and friendly atmosphere in this area is extremely important.

How would you describe your cultural background? How do your values affect the way you communicate with others and the way they communicate with you?

I think that my cultural background can be described as diverse. I am happy to realize that I have relatives in different countries, all of them have different culture, but it is not a barrier at all. My values affect the way I communicate with others, as I have principles that state about my position about cultural diversity- each nation has to be respected. I do not ask a person about his cultural background to choose whether to communicate with him or not. As well, others do not mind my cultural background or other issues, as it is not important.

How do gender differences affect communication?

Gender differences affect communication in a way that people of different genders do not understand each other very good, as a rule. It happens sometimes because of the prejudices, sometimes because one gender thinks that its representatives are cleverer and that the other gender has to obey. There are many issues that influence the communication and sometimes put barriers with no reason.

How does technology affect communication between different cultures? Between different genders? Which communication technologies do you think have a greater effect on communication between individuals? Why?

Technology of the modern world affects communication between cultures and between genders. Communication between cultures differs because some countries nowadays belong to the Third world, and other to the First world, making the communication and goals more distant. Technology affects communication between different genders in a way that one gender feels less protected and even stupid, and the other powerful and smart. Today technology of a particular culture shows the level of development of the nation, according to The challenge of human rights and cultural diversity (2010).

Describe three barriers to bridging differences. What strategies could you use to overcome these barriers?

There are barriers to bridging differences that include technological development, pressure to study foreign languages, and prejudices. There are strategies that can help to overcome these barriers, as it is important to understand that in the modern world differences of any type have to be perceived as something normal and useful, because each nation is different, the cultures differ, but the basic needs remain the same.

Identify three advantages and three challenges of working in a multicultural team.

Three advantages of working in a multicultural team are: to broaden the outlook, to study foreign languages, to make communication with people better.

Three challenges of working in a multicultural team are: to understand other people’s language and culture, to get used to their different thinking and the way they work, mistrust can be a barrier to understanding each other, according to Promotion and awareness of cultural diversity in the workplace (2011).

Does diversity affect ethical decisions? Explain your answer.

Diversity affects ethical decisions, as it forces a person do be more flexible, to be modern, to see the differences and to adapt to the environment. People become more creative and interested in the process, they stop seeing barriers and limits.

What effect does ethics have on communication between individuals from different cultures? Between different genders?

Ethics has a considerable effect on communication between individuals from different cultures, as it makes people realize that there are not so many differences and they do not affect life of other people. Differences have to be accepted and understood. Ethics has effect on communication between different genders, as those who respect people in general can have effective communication with positive outcome. However, those who have different prejudices, have limits and barrels, will not get good results.


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