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Criminal Law and Death Penalty

The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues because it has both proponents and opponents. In this regard, I am definitely an opponent of the death penalty because this measure is inhuman, whereas the risk of error always exists in any trial, while it is not a sentence term but the life of an accused person that is at stake. Therefore, judges and the jury cannot play God and sentence an individual to death but they should just give an individual a chance to either obtain forgiveness or get the deserved punishment.

It proves beyond a doubt that the death penalty is absolutely inhuman measure because the criminal justice system just acts in the same way as the most dangerous criminals do killing their victims. Sentencing to death is nothing but the murder. Instead, the life sentence is the punishment, which may be even more dangerous than the death penalty. At the same time, offenders sentenced to life term in prison will suffer from their imprisonment and they will have plenty of time to reconsider their criminal actions. In such a way, the offender will suffer as long as he/she lives because he/she spends his/her life in prison.

On the other hand, if an individual turns out to be innocent, he/she has time to prove his/her innocence and to obtain freedom. As a result, the risk of error in the course of investigation or trial remains to be very significant but still an individual will always have a chance to prove his/her innocence.
Hence, the death penalty should be banned as the punishment unacceptable for a civilized society.