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Courtesy in the Contemporary Business World

Present paper discusses the importance of courtesy in the contemporary business world. Sometimes businesspeople do not have spare time to spend extra effort on courtesy. They want their papers to go straight to the point without extra words. I will discuss this approach and try to understand whether it is right or not.

I personally agree with the successful Western manufacturer who asserts that “courtesy can pay large dividends in proportion to the attempts expended.” (Book of Business Etiquette, 2003) Thus, communication in a business climate means communicating with human beings. And in communication, it is highly recommended to be courteous while being business-oriented and direct. The majority of people reply more readily to a constructive communication, according to the analysis of the University of North Carolina. So, I may say that if everyone was more courteous the increase in productivity could be obvious.

“People are too busy to be courteous today,” said another respondent of a nationwide survey of NFI Research. “With e-mail and immediate messaging, everything is a shortcut. In the extremely busy world we live in, a little courtesy would be very important. It will help businesspeople work together in a less stressed and more pleasant way.” Yes, today email is utilized for quick and proficient business communications. And utilizing simple greeting and the receiver’s name is a very fast and simple method to include courtesy into quick emails. It is also important to use proper English and complete sentences in business emails without any emotions and jargon. These simple rules will show the recipients that they are highly respected. As for the oral communication it is also quite simple and fast to utilize “please” and “thank you.” Even during a conversation with an employee these general courtesies are primary. They do nothing to lessen manager’s authority and actually may garner more respect.

If the business communication includes customers, the courtesy is very significant. Courteous communication increases the chances of maintaining current clients. One easy act of courtesy is to make sure that all names and surnames are spelled correctly. Also saying “good morning” or “goodbye” takes practically no time and little effort. So, for a small investment, the businesspeople may increase the productivity of the whole company.

And one more thing: though many meetings are conducted in English, businesspeople who speak in the native language of their partners are highly appreciated for their courtesy. However, communicating comprises learning vital social cues as well. For instance, in Japan, when businessmen introduce themselves they only say a surname. Even if someone’s grasp of the local language isn’t ideal, paying attention to the social cues may help businesspeople avoid offending someone and conduct business more effectively.

So, I think that it is quite understandable that many businesspeople want to have their documents to go straight to the point without wasting words or sugar coating. However, I am sure that the simplest described examples of courtesy don’t take much time and even assist in business.


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