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Computers and Retail

Our organization is suffering from the ongoing deterioration of its marketing performance. In your recent video-conference, you have noticed that one of the major problems of our organization is poor performance of business processes and poor communication within the organization. In this regard, I considered the current situation in our organizations and I have elaborated several recommendations to improve the performance of our organization and internal business processes.

First of all, I would highly recommend using computers widely in retail because they will help to develop the automation of internal business processes and to improve consistently communication within the organization. To put it more precisely, computers connected to the intranet as well as internet can help the company to develop the effective system of communication. Through the effective communication, the com[any can develop its retail. For instance, the company can improve consistently the delivery of products in time and to improve the supply of products. What is meant here is the fact that, if a store lacks certain products, computers can help the store to communicate the shortage of certain products to suppliers and the store will receive the deficit products in time to meet the growing demand of customers.

In addition, computers can stimulate the development of the automation of internal business processes. In fact, the company can use software, which is essential for the effective development of automation of internal business processes. In this regard, the company can improve internal business processes through automation. For instance, the automation of internal business processes may involve the control of the delivery of products automatically. For instance, the company can track the delivery of products and their shipping. In such a way, the company can optimize the delivery of products and save time and costs on the delivery due to the accurate tracking of shipping because the company can minimize the risk of late delivery. The company can accumulate information on the delivery and choose the best roots and time for the delivery.

Furthermore, computers may be used in retail to maintain operations within stores. In this regard, the store can use computers to maintain the communication within the store and to track the stock of products within the store. In such a way, the store can control the balance of products and change pricing policies as well as supply of certain products respectively to the demand and to stock of products available to the store. Finally, computers can help the company to maintain communication between stores and to conduct the detailed analysis of major trends that can be traced in different stores. For instance, some stores of the company may be more successful than others. In such a situation, computers and special software will help to conduct the detailed analysis of the performance of successful stores and to reveal the major factors of their success. On revealing the factors of their success, the company can introduce changes in other stores to improve their performance as well. Thus, I strongly believe that my recommendations will be helpful for our company and they will improve consistently organizational performance. I believe you will consider my recommendations and implement them. Tom Jones.

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