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Comparison and Contrast Essay

Mark and Jack are two young men of the same age. Mark is 25, and Jack is 24. Both of them work as agents of insurance companies and have a great desire to succeed in their career. However, Mark’s character differs from Jack’s character. The major goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the contrasting values of two young men, Mark and Jack. These values include social values, moral and ethical values and personal values.

The first difference between Mark and Jack is related to social values. Mark is a responsible employee who always ready to help his co-employees with this or that task. He has positive attitude to other cultures and races. He will never divide people according to their social status. However, Jack is a person who uses stereotyping. His attitude to people of other nationalities is rather rough. Although he is an insurance agent, he chooses clients according to their nationality and social status.

The second difference between Mark and Jack is focused on moral and ethical values. Moral values, as standards of good and evil, make Mark a person of high moral. He respects old people and takes care of them, especially when they are his clients. Mark will never break the established rules because he has respect for the law. He will never injure the feelings of other people or steal something. That is why all members of the team respect him and trust him. In some cases, they even ask him for advice because his ideas are always fair and just. However, such behavior cannot be related to Jack. Although Jack is a good employee, who tries to do his best in different situation, he often becomes embroiled in conflicts. Moreover, in some situations, Jack ignores the established rules of the company. For example, he does not want to conduct negotiations with new clients if their social status is not high. He tries to choose only privileged clients who pay much money for their insurance. In some situations, Jack uses unsuitable language in the office. He is fond of jokes, but his jokes are rather coarse and obvious.

The third difference between two young men concerns personal values. Although both Mark and Jack are considered to be excellent employees, their personal values differ. Mark is more persistent in achievement of the established goals. He is generous and honest. Mark is a very family oriented person. Jack is more courageous because he does not afraid of negative remarks and conflict situations. Although he is less disciplined, he values independence and flexibility in everything he does. He is a rather ambitious young man. Although the team members show less respect to Jack, in some situations, Jack is the only person who can find the way out. His decisions are always successful.

To sum up, both young men have positive and negative personal characteristics. However, both Mark and Jack are considered to be effective insurance agents who know how to achieve the company’s goals and succeed in career. Although they use different methods in their practice, their values help them to be successful employees in today’s competitive labor market. Mark and Jack are different in character and behavior, but, at the same, they are similar in their persistence.