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Commentary Essay Example

Persuasions and controversies are a valuable part of communication nowadays. We encounter them many times communicating with family and children, with friends and acquaintances, and sometimes even with strangers, at work and at home, always and everywhere. Someone is trying to convince us, while we are also trying to convince others in something day after day. Sometimes we are defending own point of view, and sometimes trying to motivate people to do what we offer.

It becomes obvious that the defense of own opinion and its active promotion are important parts of common process of persuasion, because each of us has own point of view on many facts of everyday life. Thus, thinking about persuasion I always remember about an existence of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence as the best way to organize persuasive speech.

I strongly believe that one of the biggest challenges for any party in the process of negotiations is an opportunity to convince the partner of the desirability of proposals. It is very important to choose the right solution for a good specialist, because only bad businessman goes to the negotiation doubting own solution. In this situation, it seems to be a good variation to use Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern. There is no doubt that any solution is performed by people, and everything will be good only if a partner percepts your idea as you percept it, and thinks about it as it is a result of his own thoughts and actions. In this case, the partner will realize it with the use of own abilities, creativity, and personal business experience, as well as he personally put forward this good idea.

In my opinion it is rather easy to implement Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern in life and follow it in ordinary life. I agree that it has a specific structure and consists of several very important parts, but all parts are presented in understandable form, and remembering them, a person has an opportunity to become a master of persuasion. According to scientific definition, Monroe’s motivated sequence is considered to be a kind of organizational patterns used to develop two vital senses (such as want and need) in the audience, but in my opinion it is a well-planned instruction how to persuade people and influence on their emotional and rational essence effectively.

Analyzing own practical use of the above mentioned pattern, I want to mention that I can force my partner to hold a necessary policy using pressure, or threats, but in this case, my partner is intrinsically resistant to imposed decisions. I can talk my partner into a necessary policy, offering concessions and compromises, but in this case the sides of both parties are also varied, and there is no confidence that the work will be done with maximum efficiency. If, however, I can persuade my partner and follow all the steps of Monroe’s motivated sequence, only then I can be sure that everything will be great. A person needs to know all advantages of own solution, and the best way to present them is to use exactly Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern.

Being more specific and explaining an effectiveness of Monroe’s motivated sequence, I want to say that it includes the five steps, and each of them has its specific aim and function. For instance, the first step under the title ‘attention’ involves people into the process of listening, while the second step ‘need’ helps the audience to feel a need or want. The third step ‘satisfaction’ opens the audience many variations how to fill need or want, because exactly the fourth step ‘visualization’ is important for the purpose of to propose the best solution and describe its possible advantages and real benefits. Lastly, the audience is ready to take action exactly at the final stage with a symbolic title ‘action’, because all previously used steps were made to inspire the audience to take this action as soon as possible.

Thinking about the use of Monroe’s motivated sequence, I can state that it can be used almost everywhere. For instance, turning on TV or radio, I can see this pattern; listening to various political speeches or reading advertisements, I can also find the five steps of Monroe’s motivated sequence in them. Thus, basing on the principle that our life consists of thousands of ‘want and need’, Monroe’s motivated sequence will be everywhere and in everything even in far future. Of course, the above numerated steps do not limit techniques of persuasion, but, in my opinion, those steps which were mentioned above constitute a basis on which anyone can, on the one hand, to achieve success, persuading others, and, on the other hand, to continue own way of self-development working on them day after day.

In conclusion, I have wrote my commentaries on the topic about Monroe’s motivated sequence pattern and explained its practical meaning in the life of every person.


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