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Coaching to Increase the Effectiveness of Work

1. According to the basic assumptions of situational leadership, where would you place the three managers in regard to levels of development in the SLII Model (see figure 5.1)The three managers should take the stable position in the organization but, at the moment, they have reached the supporting level of development in the SLII Model. In actuality, they need to keep progressing to reach the higher level in their development because supporting is not enough for successful leadership. In this regard, they should develop coaching skills and abilities and to increase the effectiveness of their work. In fact, passing to the next level of their development, namely coaching, can help the three managers to increase the effectiveness of their work because, at the moment, they can support their subordinates but coaching can help managers to develop new skills and abilities in their subordinates and to stimulate them to work better. In fact, supporting is very important level in the development of the three managers. They can help their subordinates to work effectively. At the same time, they are successful in the development of effective work of their employees because they feel the support from the part of managers. In such a way, managers are effective as long as they can support their subordinates.

2. If you were Bruce, would you act the same toward each of the three managers?
If I were Bruce, I would probably act in the same way but, I would pay more attention to the professional skills and abilities of managers in a combination with their personal skills and traits of character. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the development of personal traits of character and professionals skills and abilities. The three managers should focus on their professional and personal development because they should be able to conduct coaching and to develop knowledge sharing management. In fact, they should develop effective skills and abilities to conduct coaching of their subordinates that will help managers to stimulate employees to develop new skills and abilities.

On the other hand, the focus on the professional development of managers is important. Bruce is probably right focusing his attention on professional skills of managers but still I would pay more attention to persona traits of character of each manager. Personal traits of character of each manager can help to define leadership skills and abilities of each manager. In this regard, personal traits of character are of the utmost importance and Bruce should analyze in details personal traits of each manager.

3. Which conference will be the hardest for you, and which will be the easiest? Why?
Probably the first conference will be the hardest for me because the manager is a well-qualified professional, who have well-developed skills and abilities. At the same time, the manager is successful and it is difficult to define possible drawbacks of the manager. In addition, it was just difficult to communicate with this manger. In stark contrast, the last conference was the easiest for me because the manager was open-minded and ready to communicate. I would face no difficulties in communicating with this manager and, therefore, we could conduct the conference effectively. In addition, the manager was quite good professional too but this manager was more open for communication.