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Club Drugs

Nowadays club drugs create one of the major problems in our society. However, many young people and teenagers who use club drugs rather frequently do not know about the negative effects which can lead to serious consequences. It is known that club drugs are mostly used in night clubs, bars, and parties. The most famous club drugs are Rohypnol, GHB, Ketamine, Ecstasy and others. Although consuming these drugs is considered to be an illegal action, nobody of young people is bothering about it. Different club drugs cause different effects, but all of them are rather dangerous and destructive to health.

One of the well-known club drugs is Rohypnol. When it is metabolized in the body, it causes harmful effect on the brain receptors. The short-term effect includes some form of anterograde amnesia, when drug abusers are unable to remember all the events which happened while they were abusing. The long-term effect of Rohypnol can result in the individual’s dependence on the drug. (Young)

The other club drug is Ketamine. When it is metabolizes in the human body, it causes the drug abuser to feel unattached from his or her environment. Moreover, Ketamine can disrupt the individual’s perceptions of sight and sound. If it is consumed in high doses, the reaction leads to negative effects, such as amnesia, dreamy sensations and hallucinations, impaired motor skills and high blood pressure, delirium, heart disorders and some serious respiratory problems. According to the statistical data, 8% of tenth grade students use Ketamine at their night parties. (Grace)

Besides the above mentioned drugs used by the youth in clubs and bars, there is one more club drug – Gamma hydroxybutyrate, or GHB. Although it is known as an effective central-nervous-system depressant which is used in treatment of sleep disorders and narcolepsy, many young people prefer to use in night clubs and parties. It is absolutely colorless and tasteless. High doses of GHB can cause sleep coma and seizures. (National Institute of Drug Abuse, Club Drugs)

Ecstasy or MDMA is also a well-known club drug used by teenagers. Short-term effects of this drug include feelings of mental stimulation and emotional warmth, increased sensory perception and physical energy. Harmful effects of this club drug include nausea and chills, severe sweating, teeth clenching and muscle cramping, and problems with vision. Besides, high doses of MDMA can cause problems with the body’s ability to regulate body temperature. According to the results of the survey conducted by the National Institute of Drug Abuse in 2009, about 2.8 million American teenagers had used this drug at least once a year. (National Institute of Drug Abuse)

Although the effects of the above mentioned club drugs are different, it is found that all types of club drugs mixed with alcohol can lead to lethal outcome. (Finefrock)


In conclusion, it is necessary to say that club drugs are considered to be addictive and can put the young people and teenagers who prefer to use them at risk for long-term consequences including heart disorders, seizures, sleep coma, and even lethal outcome. That is why it is very important to explain young people the severe consequences of drug abuse.


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