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Charles Baudelaire, “The Painter of Modern Life”

Charles Baudelaire was a successful writer, who has managed to get insight into the life of an artist. In this regard, his short story The Painter of Modern Life is particularly noteworthy because it reveals the life and work of M.G., an artist, who is quite different from classical artists and who has original and modern style.

In fact, M. G. is obsessed by the world of images that filled his mind, plucked up courage to cast ink and colours on to a sheet of white paper (Baudelaire, 45). Moreover, Baudelaire depicts the original style of M.G. as follows: “to be honest, he drew like a barbarian, like a child, angrily chiding his clumsy fingers and his disobedient tool” (Baudelaire, 46). Therefore, M.G. tends to experiment and look for original approaches to painting. He takes an interest in everything the world over, he wants to know, understand, assess everything that happens on the surface of our spheroid (Baudelaire, 47). His style and interests were quite different from other, classical artists. In fact, classical artists the artist moves little, or even not at all, in intellectual and political circles. In contrast, M.G. tends to experiment and to find new forms of representation of his ideas. At the same time, his experiments take original forms, which are quite different from classical forms and representation of their views and ideas. Thus, M.G. is a modern artist, who experiments and takes interests in different aspects of life.

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