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Work Environment Essay

The behavior of Mrs. Jackson is apparently inappropriate taking into consideration her position of a nurse manager on a coronary care step-down unit. In fact, her management style is extremely authoritarian and depressing in regard to her subordinates. The workplace environment is unaffordable for her subordinates and changes are needed to ease the tension within the unit and to optimize its performance. In such a situation, it is Mrs. Jackson’s supervisor/manager responsibility to take the situation under control and help Mrs. Jackson to change her management style and relations with her subordinates. Otherwise, the supervisor/manager should better consider the possibility of replacement of Mrs. Jackson by a more suitable person, who can exercise functions of the nurse manager effectively.

Behaviors that are determinant for the unit functioning

In fact, the effective unit functioning depends on the proper and efficient behavior of unit members. To put it more precisely, the unit functioning needs the effective redistribution of functions to maximize its performance. In this regard, Mrs. Jackson has constructed the strict hierarchy, with her at the top position. At the same time, such organizational structure of the unit turns out to be one-sided, when Mrs. Jackson takes decisions with unit members having to obey her without any dispute at all. Such system is oppressive, if not to say repressive. Moreover, such system does not match the concept of an efficient unit functioning because the efficient unit functioning is possible only on the condition of the close interaction between all unit members. Subordinates of Mrs. Jackson should take part in the decision making process.

Furthermore, unit members are professionals, who are responsible for their job and functions, which they perform. Therefore, they should all stand on the equal ground that means that there should be no room for favoritism Mrs. Jackson is currently inclined to. Such policy evokes conflicts within the unit and unhealthy competition between unit members.

In addition, the efficient unit functioning is possible when all unit members have balanced work hours. This means that each unit member should have convenient schedule that allows each unit member to maximize his/her performance. At the moment, the unit run by Mrs. Jackson faces the problem of the poor scheduling, when some employees work in inconvenient shifts and hours that is apparently tiresome for them. As a result, they cannot perform at their best that eventually leads to the overall deterioration of the unit performance.

Behaviors that contribute to the optimal team functioning

In fact, the efficient team unit is possible, when the manager, i.e. Mrs. Jackson creates the ambiance where the team work becomes efficient. The unit should work as a team. Otherwise, its efficient performance will hardly be possible. At this point, the optimal team functioning involves the efficient communication between the manager and subordinates. The efficient communication involves the principle of dialogue between the manager and her subordinates. Instead, the current teamwork in Mrs. Jackson’s unit is grounded on the principle of monologue. In other words, the communication within the team is one-sided that leads to the growing resistance of employees to the manager since the manager sets rules and leaves employees with no room for autonomy and independent actions or decisions. They turn out to be a sort of puppets in hands of Mrs. Jackson as a puppeteer.

Furthermore, the optimal team work involves the job satisfaction of each team member and team members’ satisfaction with their position in the team. Therefore, there should be no favorites among team members. Instead, Mrs. Jackson should consider the fair reward and stimulation of each employee working within her unit.

Specific actions for the supervisor/manager to employ with Mrs. Jackson

The supervisor should undertake immediate actions to improve Mrs. Jackson’s work and management style. First, the supervisor should clearly explain Mrs. Jackson that her management style is unacceptable for the organization, where she works (Scott, 2007). Second, the supervisor should grant Mrs. Jackson with key principles, which she should follow in the course of her work with her subordinates. Third, the supervisor should ban Mrs. Jackson offensive references in relation to her subordinates publicly as well as privately. Otherwise, the organization may face a risk of lawsuits and Mrs. Jackson should be aware that she would be the one, who would respond for these lawsuits. Finally, the supervisor should grant subordinates of Mrs. Jackson to file reports on her and each report should be considered carefully along with Mrs. Jackson (Notorantonio, 2006). In case of the excessive number of reports with complaints, Mrs. Jackson should be transferred to a lower position.

Observations that should be used to monitor Mrs. Jackson’s performance

The observation to monitor Mrs. Jackson’s performance should involve the system of reporting from the part of her subordinates and regular auditing, which involves the analysis of the reports by Mrs. Jackson’s supervisor. In addition, Mrs. Jackson should work with the assistant appointed by her supervisor to control and to monitor her behavior. The assistant will report regularly to assess her behavior.




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