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Tablets Instead of Paper in Restaurants

Today, restaurants offer consumers their menus on paper. At first glance, there is nothing bad about it but modern technologies offer more convenient media to offer consumers menus. In this regard, the use of tablets instead of paper is particularly prospective because tablets open consistently larger opportunities for consumers to make the right choice and to order dishes they adore. In fact, paper cannot convey all the information about the menu tablets can. Therefore, restaurants can develop a system, where they offer their menus on tablets instead of paper to make the choice easier for customers.

First of all, the introduction of tablets will need the development of the network that connects the tablets available to consumers with the kitchen, where tablets or PCs may be installed. In such a way, restaurants will maintain the direct communication between consumers and the chef. However, in this regard, the mediator will be needed because the chef, for instance, cannot waste time on analyzing the information on different orders. Instead, the chef just needs to have the exact information on what he/she should cook and the quantity of products he/she should prepare. In this regard, the software can be used to process the information and deliver the information to the chef. For instance, the PC located on the kitchen will process different orders and rank them respectively to the time needed for cooking the ordered dishes and taking into consideration the time of consumers’ waiting for their orders. In such a way, the chef will receive the list of dishes that he/she has to cook. Therefore, the cooking process may lead the high level of automation because the chef will receive the processed information and he/she will need to cook dishes respectively to the list offered by the computer.

At the same time, the software used for processing information, i.e. orders of customers made via tablets, should provide consumers with time for reconsidering the order. For instance, consumers should have five minutes to cancel the order. After five minutes, customers will not have the opportunity to make changes in their orders.

The introduction of tablets will increase the customer satisfaction consistently because tablets are much more convenient than paper. To put it more precisely, customers will be able to look through dishes offered by the restaurant. The restaurant may offer pictures of each dish, its price, brief description and any remarks relevant to the dish. In addition, consumers may read comments of other users. For instance, consumers may access the menu of the restaurant via internet and leave their comments on dishes they tried. In addition, consumers can make orders online. In such a way, consumers will have detailed information on any dish they like to order.

In addition, after the introduction of the new system and tablets, restaurants can save costs on waiters because the information will be processed faster and restaurants will not need as much waiters as they do at the moment. Waiters will just deliver dishes to consumers, while tablets will do all the rest. In such a way, the new system will be cost-efficient for restaurants.

Thus, the introduction of the new system and tablets will be beneficial for restaurants and their consumers. The new system will save costs of restaurants, save the time of consumers, and increase the customer satisfaction.