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Business Ethics ( Information Privacy)

In the current essay I will distinguish information privacy and electronic privacy.
It should be noted that information privacy is the relationship between collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them. Personal data is any information relating to, directly or indirectly determined by a specific or individual (the subject of personal data).Personally identifiable information, as used in information security, refers to information that can be used to identify, contact or locate a single person or can be used with other sources to identify a single individual. The English abbreviation PII (Personally identifiable information) is widely accepted, but the phrase is abbreviated to four common variants based on personal personally identifiable and identification. Not all are equal, and for legal purposes means effective to vary the power and the purpose for which the term is being used.

Although the concept of Personally identifiable information is ancient, it has become much more important when the information technology and the Internet made it easier to collect personally identifiable information, leading to a lucrative market for the collection and resale of this information. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can also be exploited by criminals to stalk or steal the identity of a person or plan the murder of a person or robbery, among other crimes. In response to these threats, many privacy policies of Web sites specifically address the collection of PII, and lawmakers in several countries have adopted a series of laws designed to restrict the distribution and accessibility of PII, as described in Personal information privacy.

It is essential to note that e-mail security is the primary means of business communication, and is increasingly used day after day. Used to transfer text messages and transfer documents, spreadsheets, and since the data transfer process is very sensitive safety of this data is questionable, and this is a problem; door is open on the details of the contracts between the competing companies and worse, there is the capacity to forge e-mails, and there are habits of unreported of such attacks.

IT Security. There are a number of existing solutions using the public key-based cryptography. In these systems the user has two keys symbolic to maintain the security of data sources; the first key is the public key of the famous, the other is key to maintaining confidentiality for the user, and using mathematical methods can use the secret key private to sign the course of data such as e-mail messages, and this signature is called “signature digital” being together with the data when transferred, and can then be used to verify that the message did not happen to change the guardian during the transfer, using the public key and the sender must be aware of and familiar with the private key.

The issue of secure email. There are three major systems used this technique to maintain the security of transportation of messages are: PGP, PEM, X-400, In the first system (PGP) user message identifies the name, and a pair of keys and public sectors using the software available for the name, the section remains confidential to the user. When you send the message, it may be encrypted private key with maintaining the security of the information to the message.

This simple model has grown very quickly to ensure the protection of messages and the Internet in particular, but the names are not guaranteed there is the possibility to use a key to encrypt data sinner and there is no way to take full control if the private key is revealed by accident, for example. Someone can steal your key from your computer, so the best way to protect the private key is to set a password and then stolen the key has no value. The source of the certificate can be given to another person with enough information to facilitate the establishment of a copy of the private key. Certificate can also be forged. Digital signature bears the influence of stronger than normal title, if the lost certificate or password has been lost; best way is to stop using the stolen e-mail address and start over.

Digital certificate and public and private keys. The digital certificate is such as a passport and contains a public key and private key, and keys work together to make sure that the message came from the processor, “in response to” achieve through the digital signature of the electronic message is done by attaching a digital signature to e-mail. Digital signature is created by a software key and the private sector and working together is the key for smart keys. The digital signature ensures: Health demands of the sender of e-mail address. That the message has not changed during transmission.

All in all, it should be noted that in the modern world there is a considerable problem with security. People try to take care of their personal information that is often stolen. Recently information privacy and electronic privacy have become important issues that disturb modern society. However, there is a way out- to share less truthful information in the internet and to take proper measures.

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