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Business Communication Barriers

An emergence of quite specific barriers between partners is an ordinary thing in business communication. Of course, the causes of their emergence are different, but it is necessary to know all the information about possible communication barriers for the purpose to overcome them in the most efficient way timely. Thus, we are going to observe a specific communication barrier in the body of this project.

First of all, it becomes understandable from the situation that both business partners were faced to language barrier. In many cases, language barrier is a result of the absence of clear communication. When Mr. Yang commented that the food was spicy, he was simply complaining about the food, but the statement was misinterpreted by Mr. Jain, and it caused the wrong direction of the further conversation. It is possible to suppose that the statement about the food was probably delivered with a specific accent or tone, and it was interpreted in the wrong way due to those characteristics.

Thinking about possible ways to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding in the above presented situation, it is possible to advise to be more attentive to the partner’s tones and accent. In the next step, we can say also specify that it was a kind of semantic barrier, which arises when business partners use the same characters (including words) to describe very different things. The causes of the barriers are different. In order to overcome the semantic barrier it is necessary to understand the characteristics of a partner, to use a clear vocabulary; in addition, using the words with different meanings, it is necessary to explain in what sense one or another word has been used by a person in a concrete situation (Axley, 1996).

To summarize, taking everything into consideration we can state that communication is a two way process, and it is always important to express the own ideas in a clear way for the purpose to avoid an emergence of various communication barriers.


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