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Burger King

Traditionally, advertisement has a significant impact on the audience but it is only a good advertisement that makes consumers to buy the advertised product. This is why advertisers attempt to use all possible means to catch the attention of the audience and to attract consumers to advertised products. In such a way, they attempt to reach the ultimate goal of any advertisement – to attract consumers and to make the product selling. In this regard, it is possible to refer to the BK super seven incher ad, where the company advertises its new product and attempts to attract consumers to the new product focusing on its target customer group and evoking interests of the target audience to the ad.

First of all, it is important to dwell upon the description of the ad because it is the key to understanding of the impact of the ad on the audience. The BK super seven incher ad depicts the new BK burger and the head of a woman opening her mouth wide as if to swallow the burger. Above the burger, there is a caption which reads as follows: “it just tastes better” and the logo of Burger King. There is another caption under the burger and the head of the woman, which reads as follows: “It’ll blow your mind away”. At the bottom of the ad, the advertiser placed the image of the new burger, the price and brief description of the new product. In such a way, the advertiser depicted the advertised product and provided the basic information about the product highlighting the basic facts, which may attract customers and make them buying the product. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the advertiser uses different font size of captions to place emphasis on the key ideas the ad was supposed to convey to the audience.

In fact, the images and the captions that are emphasized with the font size are evidence and appeals to values and needs of customers. The ad depicts the burger, which has already become a traditional dish the audience consumes on the regular basis. At the same time, the placement of the images of the burger and the woman along with captions above and under the images make the entire ad sexually explicit in a way. At any rate, the captions and images give sexual implications, which mirror basic needs of the audience in food and sex. Obviously, these tools are used to attract the audience to the product and to make customers eager to buy it.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that the target audience of the new burger is large but the ad aims at the younger part of the audience mainly. At the same time, the ad focuses on the average people and mass customers, mainly representatives of the lower and partially middle class. Probably, the ad is more oriented on males rather than females because the ad puts the woman in the ad in a disadvantageous, inferior position. On the other hand, it is important to understand that the ad attempts to attract the audience above all and uses the most efficient tools, which are close to the audience.

In fact, the ad reveals basic audience’s interests, goals, concerns expectations, presumed intelligence level. To put it more precisely, the ad focuses on food and sex implications, which are apparently basic needs of people and naturally the combination of food and sexual implications of the ad attract the audience and raise the attention of the audience to the ad. In fact, the ad just makes stir in the audience. The response of the audience may be either positive or negative but the audience can hardly remain indifferent. Therefore, the ad reaches one of its major goals and attracts the audience capturing the attention of viewers and making the audience talk about the product being advertised and the ad itself. Basically, the ad is not intellectually overwhelmed. In contrast, it is as simple as possible and the advertiser apparently expected to catch the attention of the audience and focus on the new product.

For this purpose, the ad uses both verbal and non-verbal messages with the help of which the advertiser intends to convey sexual implications of the images and text messages along with the depiction of the food, the burger, which is the main point of the advertising. The captions match and enhance images, directing the audience to the way of interpreting the image in the way the advertiser intends to. The words reveal clearly sexual implications of the images, which enhance the basic message of the ad concerning the new, large burger.

At the same time, the ad raises larger social issues because the involvement of sexual implications may be considered by the audience as unethical or, at least, contradicting to existing ethical norms and standards. On the other hand, the ad uses play of words and dubious meaning of the words and images. In fact, the advertiser pretends as if the ad lets up to the audience to decide how to perceive and to interpret the message and images of the ad, whereas it is obvious that the advertiser does it intentionally to attract the attention of the audience.

At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the ad refers to gender-related stereotypes for the ad portrays the woman in a sexually implicit position, which is enhanced by the captions. In fact, without captions, the images could be interpreted in different ways but captions enhance the sexual implications of the ad and give no margin for error in interpretation of the message the advertiser attempts to convey to the audience. The ad uses gender-related stereotypes putting women in an inferior position, making them subject to sexual abuse.

Nevertheless, the ad is effective in regard to its ability to attract the attention of the audience and to convey the message of the advertiser to the audience. The ad attracts the attention of the target audience and depicts the new product. However, what is really ineffective about the ad is the fact that the ad provides information describing the product and its main advantages in the bottom of the ad, using small font. In such a way, the ad focuses on the attraction of the audience and succeeds but fails to convey detailed information on advantages of the new product that makes the ad ineffective.

Thus, the BK super seven incher ad is effective in terms of the attraction of the audience. The ad uses images and captions to attract the audience but it is not very effective in terms of detailed description of the new product and its advantages.