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My Personal Brand Essay

Today, brands are crucial for business success of companies but branding may refer not only to organizations but also to individuals. In this regard, I could brand myself but to do this efficiently I need to conduct the detailed analysis of my strengths and weaknesses along with opportunities, which I have, and threats, which I may face. In such a way, I can brand myself and elaborate the plan of my professional development.

First of all, I would focus on my strengths, which lay the ground for my professional development and which help me to keep progressing throughout my work and career. In fact, I have good organizational skills, which I believe are very important because they can help me to make a successful career as well as launch my own business successfully. To put it more precisely, organizational skills are essential for the effective of any individual and they can help me to plan carefully and accurately my career or business development. Moreover, organizational skills will help me to reach the goals I set and I am eager to meet. In a combination with my excellent leadership skills, my organizational skills open the wide way to professional success as well as to launching my business successfully. In fact, the combination of leadership and organizational skills lead to my successful work not only as a manager but also as a leader. Today, managers should also be leader and vice versa successful leaders should be good managers.

In addition, I am good at multitasking that contributes to my effective work. In fact, my good multitasking skills help to perform different jobs successfully. Therefore, I can take the lead and help my subordinates to complete their tasks successfully. For instance, if I launch a new business, I can lead people and perform the role of the leader and manager, who cannot just manage the organization but also perform different tasks to close gaps in the organizational performance as well as assisting my subordinates to develop new professional skills and abilities. Also, I have passion and drive to succeed. I am a success-oriented person and I cannot imagine my life without the permanent strife for success. In fact, I believe that, if a person does not strive to succeed, his/her life is pointless. Moreover, I am very persistent in my strife for success.

On the other hand, I should recognize that I have some weakness. For instance I am not being able to follow a master schedule. In this regard, my leadership inclinations played tricks on me probably because I believed that I can succeed on my own and I do not need to follow the master schedule. Instead, I should and actually I did what I considered to be important. In such a situation, I found out that I had problems with prioritizing. In fact, even now I have difficulties with prioritizing for I have difficulties with defining my priorities. I attempt to do all the tasks without distinguish priorities or, when I try to define priorities, they sometimes turn out to be wrong, while other things may be more important than the ones I have chosen as priorities

At the same time, my weaknesses result from specificities of my personal life. To put it more precisely, at home, I am the head of the household always setting the example for others to follow. As a result, I attempt to extrapolate this behavior pattern on my professional life. Hence, at work I have great ambitions and strong will, which often provoke my conflicts with other people I am working with. I do not like to change my standpoint and sometimes I will not compromise easily. Therefore, sometimes I have difficulties while negotiating with people.

Nevertheless, I still have opportunities, which are grounded on my strengths. In this regard, I believe that the greatest opportunity I have is the opportunity of having my own business. In fact, I have well-developed leadership and organizational skills, I can lead people and I am success-oriented. All these qualities can help me to launch and run my business successfully. I am not afraid of difficulties I may face in launching my business because I am certain in my strengths and power to succeed. My experience and skills can help me to succeed in my business.

On the other hand, there are still some threats. To put it more precisely, I cannot launch and run my business successfully on my own. In fact, I need subordinates and employees, who can perform their specific tasks effectively. This is where the major threats appears because the level of experience of other people may be lower than mine or lower than I expect from them to run my business successfully. In such a situation, I will need to waste time and money on training of employees but I believe I will be able to perform different tasks and train my subordinates to develop my business successfully.


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