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Benefits of the Marines

There are many benefits of joining the United States marines. U.S. Marine Corps (United States Marine Corps (USMC), US Marines) is an integral part of the U.S. armed forces, and it is responsible for providing military protection from the sea, together with the U.S. Navy Corps under the Ministry of Defense U.S. Navy. The number of Marine Corps is estimated 200 000 people. The benefits of joining the United States marines include the prestige sphere of work, honor and new opportunities, as described in Life as a Marine.

“Always Faithful” is the motto of every Marine — and a compact to each Marine. Warrior to Warrior, Marine Corps to Marine, Semper Fidelis is an eternal commitment to the success of our missions and the well-being of our Marines. The strength of our nation depends on the vitality of our institution; but the Marine Corps is only as capable as those who earn its title. We prepare Marines with the skills, education and financial security to become both effective warriors and quality citizens. If you become one of us, we will invest in you and your future. The change is forever — as is the commitment.”, as stated in Marines.
The Marine Corps United States serves as an amphibious force. As indicated in Title 10, United States Code (USC) as presented under the National Security Act of 1947, has three main areas of responsibility: “The capture or defense of naval bases and operations needed to support naval campaigns, developing tactics, techniques and equipment used by amphibious landing forces, and such other duties as the president may order.”, as described in Marine Corps Times.

It should be noted that there are reflected the rights as an expeditionary force of the Marine Corps. It derives from similar language in the acts of Congress of the United States “For the better organization of the Marine Corps,” 1834, and “Setting and a Marine Corps” of 1798. Nowadays marines are in demand and there are many new opportunities that applicants can see and evaluate.

All in all, those who choose to join the United States marines know the benefits and opportunities, and they determine the final decision to devote life to joining the United States marines.
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