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Benefits and Challenges of Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems are used to be technological advance for organized business activities. ES have already benefited consumers, but several challenges are still faced. Let’s try to mention the most priority directions of developing and already offered benefits.

Benefits. The value of ES hardly can be over appreciated in respect to large amount of provided improving options. In fact, next items can be called as essential benefits: the opportunity to get integrated organizational system; improving of data entry; incorporation of best practices; information sharing inside the enterprise; inventory costs reducing; improved collections; improved costing and improved planning (BenefitOF.net). In fact, benefits of ES cannot be viewed separately one from another. The ES are comprehensive solutions that enables for wide-management at enterprise, including all priority points manufacturing, finance, distribution human resources etc. (Cosgrove, L). Notwithstanding huge opportunities enterprise systems still have issues to be improved.

Challenges. Actually, the list of appropriate points can be extremely large. However, there are some that stand out and known as mostly discussed. Let’s emphasize three main directions: delivering flexibility, optimally servicing the installed equipment base, managing configuration complexity (Goyal, G). Still, this list can be added by storage challenges that are main according to James Powell. In its’ turn, storage challenge has two main issues to be solved. The first is explosion of unstructured data that takes for about 80% percent of whole capacity (Powell, J). The second is keen interest to storage virtualization due to rapid growing of virtual server technologies (eHow).

To conclude, ES manufacturers are in search of improving facilities. Developing aspiration is integral for this field and no doubt that current challenges will be transformed into offered benefits in future.



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