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My name is Dongzhi Xing. I was born and raised in a small town in South China, where I got my first life experience and learned how hard the life can be for women in rural areas of China.

Despite the circumstances in which Chinese women live and the roles they play in society, my Mum taught me how to preserve dignity and be an honorable and worthy person whatever happens. Though life was hard for women in the countryside of South China she managed to remain independent and strong and to foster best qualities in her only child.

Having finished boarding school in my hometown, I was sent to Beijing to finish my secondary school there and received new opportunities as completing education in China was not an easy task to fulfill. So, being still a teenager I left for the biggest city of China and viewed my life from the new perspective. Beijing gave me excellent education and numerous indispensable skills and habits that are now the important aspects of my present-day life.

After completing my higher education in China, I headed for the USA off my own bat. I cannot say the US received me coldly, but still my life was full of surprises and obstacles on the way to being awarded my bachelor.
My thorny path after all brought me to a prospering law firm where I got a job of a marketing manager. In fact it included a great number of various responsibilities that required the application of my life and professional experience I had accumulated in the course of my life.

Though I am married now, I have all the resources I need for self-actualization and my husband sincerely appreciates me being independent, self-motivated and industrious.

All my life is an exciting journey that I carve out every moment that I treasure and am grateful for. I believe that the obstacles I face on my way make me stronger and train my willpower. That is the very essence of the life!