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Listening Skills Assignment

It is known that today listening skills are declining in our society. This fact is closely connected with numerous barriers to listening. First of all, one of the main barriers to effective listening is environmental noise, including noise from machines in the workplace or the sounds of the passing cars in the street and so on. (Dye, 2011, para.2) Secondly, the important barrier to listening is lack of concentration. It means that people miss information because they are distracted by their own problems and cannot concentrate their attention on listening others. (Paul, 2011, para.2) Thirdly, the barrier to listening is stereotyping when people fail to listen to others because they have negative attitude based on racial, ethnic, gender or age disagreements. (Dye, 2011, para.6)

As for me, two barriers I face when I try to listen are lack of concentration and environmental noise. For example, these barriers can create a problem for me when I am in the street where there are a lot of people, or when I have serious personal problems which create lack of concentration for me.

There are some strategies that can help to improve my listening habits. First of all, it is necessary to pay more attention to the speaker and to his message. It means it will be better to stop thinking about personal problems, to talk less and to make regular eye contact with the speaker. (Roberts, 2010, para.3-4) Secondly, it is necessary to find a good place for communication in order to avoid environmental noise. It means the place of meeting should be selected beforehand. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid the use of cell phones in the process of communication. It will give an opportunity to listen to the speaker attentively.



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