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Interviewing Process Assignment

A description of at least two personal beliefs or biases that could interfere with your perception of an interviewee, establishing rapport with him or her, and the interview process itself. Describe how each might interfere and how you would address each so that it does not. Also discuss how the physical environment can influence an interviewee’s sense of comfort and the process. Give at least one specific example.

It is known that any interview process requires certain rules to be followed by the interviewer. It means that some personal beliefs and biases can easily interfere with the interviewer’s perception of the interviewee. Moreover, interviews require “a personal sensitivity and adaptability as well as the ability to stay within the bounds of the designed protocol”. (Web Center for Social Research Methods, 2011, para.1)

As the main goal of the interviewer is to establish rapport with the interviewee, it is very important to learn more about the life and views of the interviewee, about his or her religious and political concepts, and so on. For example, such personal beliefs of the interviewer as disrespect to people of this or that nationality or political party, or disrespect to people who suffer from obesity or drug abuse, and so on, can cause negative attitude of the interviewee who can even refuse to give any interview. In some cases that are connected with moral or political issues, the interviewees have strong convictions. Some biases also include biases against child predators and men who hit women and others. It means that the interviewer should take his work seriously and motivate the interviewees to take an active part in the interviewing process. (Web Center for Social Research Methods, 2011, para.2)

Moreover, it is very important to bear in mind that the physical environment can greatly influence not only the interviewee’s sense of comfort, but also the interviewing process itself. For example, it will be easier for the interviewee who witnessed the crime to answer the questions concerning the criminal action in the police office, but not in the street. However, those interviewees, who express their opinion concerning some rock music concert they have visited, will be ready to give their interview just in the street.



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