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Article Summary

Article Summary

Loh, L. (2012, March 22). 5 Singapore tech inventions that rocked our world. CNN Travel. Retrieved August 8, 2013 from http://travel.cnn.com/singapore/shop/5-best-tech-inventions-singapore-rocked-our-world-423291

The article presents the main five popular technical inventions which had Singapore as the country of their creation. These inventions are USB flash drive, X-Mini capsule speakers, Match.com, Razer mouse, and the Sound Blaster. The main aim of the article is not only to show that there exist many important technical devices which were created in rather little country, but also to show the main characteristics of these inventions, their advantages, and the ways how these new products may change the world around, as well as they can make our life easier. Moreover, the author of the article provides some interesting facts how technical devices were looking for their places in electronic market and human hearts.

Data presented in the article have proved the fact that our world needs new inventions, and many of them had their own way to their popularity among ordinary users, while some time later they received a big variety of awards for their best qualities. For instance, X-Mini capsule speakers allowed laptop users to enjoy good sound quality everywhere they want because their size allows to take them everywhere, and new technologies used in their production helped people to enjoy their interesting design and compact size. In such a way, summarizing the main points of the article, we see that Singapore, being a rather little geographical object, can be considered a country of IT progress, as well as the article helps its readers to realize that new and important gadgets can be made and created in any country. Of course, the article doesn’t cover all Singaporean inventions, but it allows readers to become interested in these issues, and to continue original research for the purpose to find the more details on the topic by self. In conclusion, making a review demonstration of the main technical inventions of Singaporean minds, the author of the article proved that Singapore is a breeding ground for many prominent IT inventions and technical gadgets.



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