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Argumentation / Persuasion Essay | Permission and Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages

Permission and legalization of same-sex marriages is the subject of the most emotional and irreconcilable debates in society in many developed countries. Some people argue in the support of same-sex marriages, while others consider their permission and legalization as one of the biggest mistakes of our century. Thus, there is no one right point of view on this question, because there are as many positions as there many commentators. The main aims of this paper are to observe the issue from various perspectives and to take a position on it.

At the beginning of our discussion it is necessary to mention that family and marriage is the main institute of human society. It is a generally accepted fact that the family is the strong union between a man and a woman, but times are greatly changed and the definition of the family is changed too. Society started hearing about families which consist of just women or just men exactly during last several decades. As it becomes understandable, this social phenomenon is called same-sex marriages; and, according to Rauch, same-sex marriage is “socially or legally recognized marriage between two humans of the same social gender or biological sex” (Rauch, 2004).

Researching the topic about same-sex marriages, it was found many facts for and against same-sex marriages, but my position concerning this issue is to give individuals an opportunity to choose their life and their way in it by self. I agree with Stoddard’s words who stated that “the decision whether or not to marry belongs properly to individuals and not the government” and that “government has no legitimate interest in how love is expressed” (Stoddard, 2002). In such a way it is important to present several arguments why we need to support the same-sex marriage.

The first argument is the following: same-sex couples are able to give a home to homeless children. Commonly, our society were sure that marriage means ‘a girl plus a boy equals a baby’, but nowadays many young women are not ready to educate their children, moreover, they leave them in various orphanages, being sure that they will have an opportunity to born a child in future. In the contrast to ordinary couples, same-sex couples have no such opportunity to born a baby by their own efforts and they prefer to adopt children from orphanages, giving them education and good family. The formula has changed in the following way: ‘a girl (boy) plus a girl (boy) plus a baby from orphanage equals love’. In my opinion it is a very important argument because most of the children who have no family dream about it so much, and same-sex couples, having no biological chance to have their own children, are willingly adopt children. In no depend on the sexual orientation of the family if the environment is caring a child would be happier to have this type of family better than to stay in an orphanage.

The second argument is connected with moral and psychological side of the issue. American Psychological Association, making a research on this topic, appealed to the federal and state government that they should immediately cease the use of legal laws which infringe the rights of sexual minorities. It was proved that same-sex marriage carries with it all the same values and benefits that the traditional alliance. This conclusion was based on recent psychological researches, conducting of which became possible with the permission of same-sex unions in several states. In addition, the moral and psychological normalization of same-sex love makes easier not only self-realization of gays and lesbians, but also helps them in their social integration. I strongly believe that same-sex marriage or domestic partnership will definitely be legalized in all civilized countries, and discrimination against people on grounds of their sexual orientation will become a legally and morally unacceptable as racism or anti-Semitism in the first half of the twenty-first century.

The third argument that we can discuss is about the feeling that makes couples marry. As it is generally accepted, marriage is the official promise to stay together in different circumstances and wish to spend the rest of the own life with each other. It seems not fair to prohibit people of the same sex to create the own family and be happy together. I have an opinion that if two people are ready to give the promise in public, they have the right to do it and to testify their feelings. It is also a civil right and nobody can hold homosexual couples from using it.

In conclusion, we have observed the issue of same-sex marriage from the variety of its perspectives. Of course, it is understandable that same-sex couples are still on their way to protect their right to legal marriage, but, taking into account the fact that the concept of the marriage is changeable, it is possible to suppose that society should accept new changes that twenty century is bringing. I believe that many people are ready to change their position about same-sex marriages and to look at them by other eyes, becoming more patient and well-wishing.


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