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Analysis on the Story “Hands”

This paper introduces the analysis on the story “Hands” written by Sherwood Anderson. This is the story that describes the person’s inner fight against self-awareness and his own conflict with social prejudices (the man against society).

To begin with, this story tells about Adolph Myers, the former school teacher.

He was accused of homosexuality, disgracedand expelled by parents of his pupils. For many years he lived in Winesburgknown as Wing Biddlebaum. The protagonist of this story is Wing Biddlebaum, an innocent man who just lives in the judgemental community. The antagonists are the citizens of that town, who wrongly considered Wing to be a gay.

Mainly, the author of this story focuses on the theme of love, which however was turned around and distorted by the students. In this story, there is the conflict between dreams and reality, individual and society.Anderson’s hero Wing Biddlebaum, facing with the aggressive and unfair world, remains faithful to his truth. His major purpose is to isolate himself from people, to keep his secret, and in any case, not to share it with someone. In this case, it is possible to mention that our life is unfair and sometimes honest people can be charged with crimes they did not commit. Moreover, it is necessary to emphasize that Wing gives us a hint and provides with the first look at the main character as the grotesque.

Taking the above-mentioned information into consideration, it is possible to conclude that this story proves the fact that sometimes people cannot handle the truth. Although people are not able to have control over their own lives, they can and should control their actions and personal inner thoughts.