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Analysis of Roman Garment

Roman garments were diverse in style but they performed specific functions which went far beyond the conventional clothes. What is meant here is the fact that a Roman garment was not a mere item of clothes but it was a symbol of the social status of an individual wearing it. Therefore, the Roman garment is not only the matter of fashion and clothes, but also the matter of the social status.

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the Roman garment differed depending on the social status of its owner. Representatives of lower classes wore simple toga or tunica, whereas representatives of the upper classes wore colorful togas and cloaks, depending on the season and weather. For instance, representatives of the upper class had red colors in their togas and cloaks.

At the same time, the Roman garment was simple and convenient to use. This is probably why this style returns and grows more and more popular. In addition, the fabric used for manufacturing of the Roman garment is natural that makes garments manufactured with natural fabric more and more popular today.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that the Roman garment was created on the ground of technologies available to people. They could not make more complicated garments because they did not have tools and equipment to manufacture them as well as materials used for manufacturing of the Roman garment were also quite limited, especially compared to present days, when the development of synthetic materials contributed to the fast development of apparel industry and creation of new garments, which Romans could not even think of.

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