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A Beautiful Disaster

To begin with, I would like to say that bike is extremely dangerous vehicle, but at the same time it gives incomparable sense of freedom, joy and happiness. In the current essay I would like to consider universal advices, which will help bikers to live long and joyful life without knowing what motorcycle accident is. I strongly believe that after you sat on the bike, you should realize that from this moment your destiny is in your hands. How to survive and not stay with a disability? I will try to give some advice based on the experience of many bikers.The first thing is to get used to comply with traffic regulations. According to statistics, from the compliance with the rules depends 90% of your security, both physically and in the legal aspects. As a matter of fact, bike is not just another toy or fashion, but also one of the most dangerous vehicles, so in order to avoid the possible consequences of this risk, you need to learn two things: obtain driving skills in different situations and road conditions; be careful on the road. After leaving the garage, you find yourself in a world where everything can be conventionally regarded as your enemies: all moving and stationary vehicles, pedestrians, dogs and so on. Any crash can lead to tragic consequences, so you should be careful on the road. Moreover, before leaving the garage it is important to check the general condition of the bike: tire pressure, oil level, check is there any leaking fluid and so on. Also, do not ignore the security features – helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, back protection, motorboats – all these will help you to avoid serious injury. According to statistics, most motorcycle accidents occur when car drivers turning left. Usually, they simply do not see biker. With the aim to be clearly visible from a distance you should always go with the lifters. Moreover, you should train yourself to use the signal. If you are in a “dead zone” in heavy traffic, and / or there is suspicion that a number of cars do not see you, or if you suspect that an oncoming car is going to turn left, let them know about yourself with sound or light signal, and make sure that they have noticed you.

It should be noted that your speed in heavy traffic should not exceed 6-12 m/h. Classic crash: motorcyclist crashed into the car, which stands in the traffic and decided to turn around or go to the oncoming lane in front of the nose of the fast moving motorcycle. Moreover, it is essential to note that on the road may be sand, and breaking action can be problematic. If the traffic is standing, motorcyclist should be prepared that the door in standing in front car can open. Bikers should remember that if they have a passenger, their stopping distance will increase significantly. In any case, once you got behind the wheel on the bike, you should focus your attention and never relax, even for a moment. While you are driving around town fingers should always be on the clutch lever and brake. If you changing the line – discipline yourself to control the dead zone by turning the head, at the same time remember that there are “chess players” that can change two lines in one attempt, so do not be lazy to check not only the other line of the road, but the opposite as well. If the road on which you ride is free, it is best to keep the middle of the line, especially in the end of the climb, leaving yourself the distance to maneuver in case if someone wants to turn ahead. When you are driving behind a car at the small distance, it is necessary to hold such a position that, at first, not to collide with an obstacle that will miss the car between the wheels, secondly, to see the road in front of the car. It is extremely important to note that it is better not to drive behind tracks at all, because sometimes the stones fly out of the wheel. Moreover, the air flow behind the truck can pick up over the road iron and plywood sheet lying on the roadside and so on.

It should be mentioned that you should not overestimate yourself and your bike. This affects especially beginners. After one or two seasons they begin to think that can ride without problems, and it seems that everything is possible, everything works. However, falls and accidents sooner or later happen with every biker. Further I would like to say a few words on the road paving. The stronger asphalt and rubber is heated, the better is the grip, except in cases where the asphalt is melted by the heat. In turn, at low temperatures, even on dry and clean way you should be extremely careful. If the road is wet, keep in mind that the difference of coefficients of adhesion at different types increases substantially. In wet weather it is best to keep the old rough asphalt, worst of all – a new, sleek, freshly, do not keep plastic marking, asphalt overlay, sewers and other iron constructions. When crossing the tram rails, especially in the rain, try to “blunt” the angle of intersection.

Of course, bikers always try to avoid an accident, but if it is inevitable, they must remember certain rules. In frontal collision or sideswipe of a motorcycle into a car, you can easily jump out. The main thing is do not be afraid of it. Let’s consider an example. You ride during the green light and at the last minute notice at the side a car pops up, and your paths will cross, or it will stop on your way. What should you do in such situation? First of all, do not accelerate too much during crossing intersections. Secondly, if you have enough time for breaking action, you should not panic, and choose the path of avoiding obstacles with the minimal damage. With active braking you have little chance to maneuver. However, you still have time to correct the trajectory of the bike and bit, for example, not to in the salon, but in the hood or trunk. In any case, you should always be ready for such possibility and not be afraid of it. If a car jumped out from the alley or yard, you should try to overtake the car in front and not behind. The driver, seeing you, will slow down and you will have a chance to overtake him, or, in extreme cases to fly through the hood, not to hit the salon. If the situation forces you to put the bike on its side, then you need to have time to remove the leg from the side on which you fall. It is essential to note that you should fall correctly, in particular regroup during the fall, covering your head with hands, then stand up straight on your back, with spaced arms and legs, directed in the direction of sliding.

Another story – is pedestrians. A pedestrian for motorcyclist – is a large biological object with unpredictable behavior, empowerment and devoid of any responsibilities. The problem lies in the fact, that as a rule, pedestrians incorrectly calculate the speed of approaching motorcycle. In this case, it is necessary to attract his attention by any means: signals, lights. It is advisable to choose certain speed, so you can slow down or maneuver. The rules in such cases require “slow down and stop”. However, there are times when speed is already high enough and pedestrian on the roadway began to rush in different directions. In such cases, you do not need to rush too, frantically repeating his seizures, it is better to take matters into your own hands: identify for yourself the direction from where you are going to overtake him and turn on the corresponding indicator lamp. I assure you that 99% of pedestrians do not want to depart their lives under the wheels of your bike, and they will instinctively jump in the opposite direction.

All in all, I would like to say that bike is dangerous and risky vehicle, but nothing will replace the spirit of freedom, high speed and wind, which blows in your face. Everybody decides for himself – whether he will ride a bike, but in any case, a person should be responsible and observe these simple rules of behavior on the road.