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Second Step of Writing an Argumentative Essay

After a student has conducted in-depth literature research, developed a thesis statement and an outline, it is time to proceed to the second step of writing an argumentative essay. Writing a draft is considered to be the middle of the process when a student has a clear vision and direction for their paper. The student is ready to create the first draft with a headline, quotes in the text, and a reference page.

Make sure everything is ready for the second step

The student should make sure their plan is concise. Then, they need to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion for their essay following the previously developed outline. These are the main parts of any assignment, so it is essential to make sure that everything is done correctly and all the aspects are implemented.

How to write an argumentative essay introduction?

Even though many people like writing in a logical sequence, all people are different, and some may start writing a conclusive part, for example. However, an introduction is still essential and requires some special attention to catch the auditory and establish the relevance of the research. An introductory paragraph should begin with an attention grabber, which may be:

  • provocative question;
  • statistics;
  • unusual facts, etc.

Next, the student needs to provide background information, explain goals and how they plan to approach the topic of their research work. They must end the introduction with a thesis or research question. This section of their work is not long (2-3 pages), so it will probably be finished quickly. Importantly, students should also remember that writing a research paper does not limit their fantasy and does not require them to be boring.

How to write body part?

An outline will help the student write this part more effectively. However, the student should not think that they have to follow the initial plan precisely. An outline can evolve, and the student can revise it and make changes as many as needed. The main thing is to stay on the set path and focus on the selected topic and the developed thesis. The student should more clearly present their point of view and support their main idea, giving the arguments of scientists and other professionals. The problem should be studied from various points of view, so the student’s conclusions would be adequately supported.

It is essential to make sure that all facts and ideas are properly cited. The student should make sure that all the necessary information about the source is presented in the text, for example, date of publication, page number, and author’s last name(s). Some students take screenshots of the parts of the articles the information was borrowed from. This habit helps access the necessary data at the professor’s request.

How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay?

Most scientific works end with a rewriting of the main ideas of each of the sections (paragraphs) of the work. For their argumentative essay, the student can do the same, but they should not repeat word for word what has already been written about in the paper. They should rephrase their thoughts or summarize the key points of the argumentative essay. They can also highlight the importance and limitations of their findings. It is good to provide some guidance, suggestions based on the research findings, or suggest some directions for further research. Students should never forget that following all steps of writing an academic paper is critical because it helps shed light on the problem from various perspectives. Maybe they will be able to develop a good idea to resolve it, so proper research and in-depth analysis are critical.

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