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End an Argument Essay Properly

To end an argument essay may be not as simple as it may seem to be at the first glance, because the of the argument essay has to mirror all sides of the argument presented in the essay and lead the audience to the conclusion that the author of the essay considers to be right. In such a way, unlike a conventional essay, the argument essay requires a brief summary of the argument that reasonably leads to the audience to the ideas or argument supported by the author.

Summing up the key ideas

At the same time, the end of the argument essay has some similarities to the end of other essays since the conclusion part of the essay has to sum up the key ideas and the information presented in the essay. The author should present a brief summary of what the essay is about and restate the thesis statement or the debatable issue argued within the essay. The audience has to get the main idea of what the essay was about and what the author actually wants to say.

Presenting all sides of the argument briefly

The next step to end the argument essay is to present all sides of the argument but this should not be the detailed analysis or description of each argument. The detailed analysis of each argument presented in the essay should be done in the body of the essay and not at the end. Instead, the end of the essay has to contain just a brief mention of all sides of the argument so that the audience had the clear idea of what the arguments presented in the paper are. In such a way, the audience would have a chance to weigh all of the arguments one last time at the end of the essay and readers would decide whether they agree with the author or not. The brief summary of arguments should not be judgmental. Instead, the author just needs to lay out the arguments before the author leads in the argument the author sticks to at the end of the essay.

Leaning toward the most plausible/persuading argument

After presenting all arguments, the argumentative essay has to present the argument which the author considers to be the most relevant and strongest one. At this point, the author has to back up the conclusion he/she makes about the strongest argument at the end of the essay. This actually the main point of the end of the argument essay because the author has to reveal what argument he/she considers to be the strongest one. At the same time, the author has to explain why this argument is plausible and stronger than other arguments discussed in the course of the argument essay. In such a way, the author explains his/her position to the audience briefly to sum up the content of the essay, where the author had to state which argument is the strongest one.

Conveying the main argument straight and clear to the audience

The identification of the main and strongest argument of the essay at the end of the argument essay should be straight and succinct. The audience should have no doubts about the position of the author. On the other hand, by laying out all the arguments briefly, the author allows the audience to weigh all of them one last time and finally either agree with the author and accept his/her argument and its justification or reject it. In such a way, the author would avoid imposing his/her opinion onto the audience and make his/her argument look stronger.

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