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Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is the question of much more than half an hour. Keep it mind when you start planning your work. Remember that the less experience you have, the more time to write argumentative essay you need.

The first step in you work is choosing the topic of the essay. Sometimes students get the task to write argumentative essay on a certain topic, but more often they are given a choice of several topics, or they can even be free to choose any topic they want. If the choice is all yours, search for the examples of topics, choose the one that has at least two different strong points of view. It is important that the author must be interested himself in the topic under discussion. So, if you don’t care about global warming, don’t take such a topic, choose something about influence of online games or the question of capital punishment. But be careful, you need to be interested in the topic of argumentative essay, but also you need to be aware of it. It is not enough to have a strong belief that your point of view is right, you need to explain why, give evidence and examples, make sure they are reasonable and logical.

When the topic is chosen, it is time to start making notes. Make a list of argumentations of both sides and after that pick a side, which you consider to be right. One of the first points of your argumentative essay should be presenting these two sides. Of course, when writing your essay you will conclude that only one side (your side) is right.

Another tip: do not be too emotional when writing your argumentative essay. You need to convince your reader, not to make him believe. All you need to do is giving him evidence without providing too much drama. It is better if you not only tell the proof for your point of view, but also tell the reader why opposite side’s argumentations are doubtful.

As any other written work, argumentative essay consists of three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Start writing argumentative essay with a brief introduction of your topic. At this stage give the reader basic information about the problem, present some background information and acquaint with your position. Your thesis will present a statement of your position on a chosen controversial topic. Introduction must be clear and give the reader right idea about the general content of the essay.

Remember that you need to present both opposite sides of the controversy, even though only one of them is correct according to your view point. In the body of argumentative essay the reader finds the most important information. Here you give more details about both sides and give all the reasons why you think your point of view is right. Experiences writers suggest to start with proving that the opposite to yours point of view is wrong. Name their main evidence and explain why you disagree with it. After that make the list of all your argumentations and name only the strongest ones. Start from the most powerful and convincing reason and move gradually to the weakest points. There are many types of evidence, you can use statistics and some other studies, or even anecdotal stories and examples from life.

No one can tell how many reasons you need to give or what the length of the essay should be. The only thing you should remember, give not less then three argumentations to prove your position is right. The length of the body, as the length of all parts, depends on the general requirements of the professor.

When writing the last part of your argumentative essay, the conclusion, make sure you name the main points you’ve given in the body. But use another words and list them without explanation. All you need to do is just to remind the reader the main content.

Main tips for your argumentative essay:

  • Do not use emotional language
  • Remember the difference between emotional point of view and logical conclusion
  • Cite your sources, you might be checked for plagiarism
  • Don’t make up evidence
  • Make an outline
  • Know the strongest arguments for the opposite side and be ready to defend your point of view. You may be challenged by your professor or another student.

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