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Terms Of Sale

1. Placing an order on this custom essay writing service requires stated bellow terms of service following. Every disputable case will be judged on the base of these terms.

2. Be careful and attentive with order requirements and descriptions. Please, check them several times. All significant changes in order require administrative negotiation. Furthermore, they can cause some additional payment.

3. Order cancel is acceptable only before writers started work on it. In this case, the full refund without commissions is guaranteed after request.  Any other cases about order cancelation require negotiation with service’s administration.

4. There are no refunds after order is finished by writer and downloaded by customer. The maintained database allows administration to become familiar with IP address, time of download, digital signature and other info to avoid disputes. If certain condition is unforeseen by service’s terms customer is granted for refund in case he/she is agree to pay technical expense.

5. Customer is allowed for refund after request if order was delivered out of deadlines. In case, deadline prolonging was negotiated and confirmed by customer, total and particular refund is not granted.  

6. This essay writing service takes no response for delivery delays and difficulties caused by customer’s mail server or Internet provider.

7. Presuming conditions noted bellow will generate total satisfaction with received writings. Custom essay writing service guarantees that all papers and essays will be written in match to given requirements. If received work is not adequate to descriptions stated in order you are allowed for unlimited revisions to get the paper in respect to presented requirements. Revisions are out of order deadlines as they require some additional time. In its turn, revision deadline are defined through negotiation procedure.

8. By making an order you agree that perceived paper cannot be used as the result of your own research activities and extended efforts. In this order, all designed works are prototypes for further clients’ researches. Custom essay service won’t support any kind of cheating.

9. To avoid all possible plagiarism manifestations, third-party plagiarism software is used. However, if customer finds that received paper contains more than 30% of plagiarism, refund  is granted. The presence of plagiarism in paper has to be confirmed by third-party plagiarism software.

In terms of service plagiarism is defined in next ways:

- giving strange ideas as own without proper citation;
- info copy from all types of sources without proper referencing;
- corruption the info concerning initial sources;

10. Our writers encouraged to use the whole diversity of information sources if other approach is not required by customer. If customer is assigned to writing on clearly defined sources and they are not available for writers, he/she is responsible for their delivery. Not presenting of needful materials cause paper’s delivery delay that client is agree with.