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Lab Report

May 24, 2015

Introduction The purpose of this lab is to explore the possibilities of filtering of spatial domains of images. The filtering will be performed using median filter, moving average and kernel convolution. The software used for image filtering in this lab is IDL. Exercise 1. 1.1. Moving average

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Pick two cities

May 15, 2015

In the current essay I would like to compare two sister cities that nowadays, drastically change in terms of economic welfare – Detroit and Dubai. As a fact, Detroit is the most populous city in the state of Michigan. Today, the population of Detroit is 708,452 people, with the suburbs – 4.4 million people. In […]

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Redesign of health care. CMA

May 2, 2015

Question 1. The four principles of lean operating systems are waste elimination, increased response and speed of the system, higher quality and reduced costs (Collier & Evans, 2011). In the case of CMA, their redesign of health care delivery system and processes was aligned with each of these principles. The reduction of paper-based part of […]

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